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Aqua Fitness Group Exercise

Splash your way to a healthier you! Consider trying one of our Group Aqua classes. It’s a great way to add variety to your workout, continue to challenge your cardio-respiratory system, and give your joints a bit of a break. Classes are offered seven days a week. Please refer to our Group Exercise Schedule for the most up-to-date information. Classes are offered seven days a week. Click here for the Schedule of Classes.


  • Group Aqua participants must shower before class. 
  • Aqua shoes are recommended as bare feet slip on the pool bottom. 
  • Come prepared with water and a towel. You are welcome to bring aqua gloves.


Water is a strength-training format suitable for everyone. This class utilizes the resistance properties of water to strengthen the core, upper and lower body, as well as providing cardiovascular conditioning. 


Same foundations as our Aqua Basic Strength. More modifications offered and extra focus on range of motion and strength.


Tired of the treadmill and looking for a challenge? Give Aqua Running a try! Low impact, yet high in intensity, this class focuses on maintaining an increased heart-rate for the duration of the workout.


This is a fast-paced, high energy workout in the pool incorporating running, strength training, abdominal work and water suspension to increase cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength.  REQUIRES: Pool exercise fundamentals, use of equipment, and ability to move rapidly in water.


Susanna King
(415) 615-1314

Susanna brings a wealth of health and nutrition knowledge to our team. Susanna leads multiple group exercise classes weekly, so please join her in our studios for a fun and challenging workout. She is motivated by those around her and enjoys helping others reach their goals, test their abilities, and find success. Susanna and her team create a positive environment where our community can learn, share, and grow together.