How You Can Help

  • Practice healthy hygiene and remain home if feeling ill, have had exposure to COVID-19 or are considered to be in high risk categories. 
  • Respect and practice physical distancing of 12 feet or more while members are exercising in San Francisco, and 6 feet or more at all other times in San Francisco and all times at Marin and Peninsula. 
  • Wipe all equipment down with provided supplies before and after each equipment use, along with any surfaces you touch. 
  • Wash and sanitize your hands before you utilize equipment and programs. 
  • Wear your mask. 
  • We ask that you limit your use of multiple branches to mitigate the spread of germs and disease.

What the Y is Doing

  • All staff will be wearing face masks or face shields and additional PPE as appropriate. 
  • Enhanced sanitizing and cleaning throughout the building will be provided. In addition to ongoing cleaning and a deep sanitizing nightly.
  • Our staff will be available to answer any questions and help maintain healthy spaces throughout our buildings. 
  • Our YMCA reciprocity programs, both local and national, are suspended until futher notice.
  • We are also here to support you during this these times, which means you have access to a variety of virtual offerings for adults, seniorsfamilies and youth.  
  • As an active, paying member, you have some added benefits to your membership like our member-only content which includes virtual personal training and additional group exercise offerings.