Youth Wellness Facility Guidelines


If you are 10-12 you must workout with your parent/guardian
Be honest with your body
No one is judging you on strength or ability
Stay committed to your goals/ wellness Plan
Work with a Wellness Coach


Take care of your body: warm-up, stretch, and cool down
Wipe down machines
Be aware of other people waiting
Work-in with others: take turns between long sets
Workout with a friend
Meet new people


Complete LAUNCH wellness session
Act appropriately
Use inside voices
Use appropriate language
Pay attention to staff
Be respectful of other members
Use equipment correctly
Respect the Y; stay focused on your workout
Respect other people’s property


Be on time
Arrive early for classes and appointments with trainers
Finish your workout  on time
Wear athletic shoes
Wear athletic clothing: no jeans on the machines
Use cell phones for music or viewing movies
Re-rack weights and replace all used equipment
Put away used towels in bins


Wellness Floor

Ages 10-12 

Must show proof of vaccination.

May use the following equipment accompanied by a parent/guardian:

Cardio: Bike, Treadmill, Hand Crank
Strength: Cable Machine, Leg Press, Row
Free weights: Only with a personal trainer
LAUNCH wellness session: Completed with a guardian

Ages 13-15

Must show proof of vaccination.

May use the following equipment:

Cardio: Bike, Treadmill, Hand Crank, AMT, Elliptical, Rowing Machine
Strength: Cable Machine, all selectorized machines
Free weights: With a personal trainer or after free weight specific orientation
LAUNCH wellness session: should be completed before using equipment

Ages 16-17

May use all of the equipment after a LAUNCH wellness session is completed.

Group Exercise Classes

We offer a variety of family friendly classes, which are noted on the online group exercise class schedule with a "family" icon. Beyond these specific classes, youth ages 13 and older are welcome to attend all group exercise classes (unless noted otherwise in the class description) after completing a LAUNCH wellness coaching session at the Y. Youth ages 10-12 can attend group exercise classes that don't use equipment with a parent/guardian, after completing a LAUNCH wellness coaching session. These are also noted on the group exercise schedule


Our priority is youth safety. We require youth ages 17 and younger to attend an aquatics-specific LAUNCH wellness coaching session. The same session is recommended for anyone 18 and above, but not required. Youth ages 14 and older may use sauna, steam rooms, whirlpool, hot tubs and spas at the Y without a parent or guardian.

  • Youth ages 13 and younger are not permitted to use a sauna/ steam room.
  • Children ages 6–12 must be accompanied in the whirlpool/hot tub/spa by a parent/guardian.
  • Children ages 5 and younger are not permitted to use a whirpool/hot tub/spa.;


Youth ages 13 and older may use the basketball courts or participate in any sports/open gym activity unless otherwise designated. Youth ages 12 and younger may participant in free/open/family gym with a parent/guardian present.