The YMCA of San Francisco is here to build community, experience and joy with our youth. As a part of our mission in Youth Development we provide programs for health and wellness, outdoor education, academic support and workforce development programs throughout our 3 counties to youth from early education through transitional age youth. We encourage building the strength of the communities we serve by supporting the youth within them.

We offer more than inviting youth and families to join us, but to dream big for our future.

We’ve served over 2,000 families in social service programs this year.

Our Programs

We offer a variety of programs that support our youth based in the Bay Area.

Family Resource and Support Services

Our programs provide food, mental health resources, and other family services that support our youth and increase family stability and connection.


Alternative Education Supports

Our programs encourage and increase high school completion and connections to post-secondary pathways. Some programs students are enrolled through third party systems such as a school or as part of their probation.


Workforce Development

Our programs prepare young people for success and self-sufficiency by creating career education plans and objectives integrated into our workshops and paid internships.


Civic Engagement

Our program is committed to inspiring future leaders through youth advocacy and teen programs which prepare them to leverage their talents to improve the communities they live in and give voice to youth ideas.


Academic Support

We offer a variety of academic support and enrichment programs that promote lifelong and learning and community engagement. Our programs provide high quality professional care and hands-on activities infants to teenagers. 


Enrichments Outdoor Nature

 Our outdoor education programs are designed to inspire and empower young nature enthusiast and conservationists. Our programs develop leadership skills and wildlife education where the youth learn how to tackle environmental issues and support the communities they are around.



YMCA camps provide social, emotional, and academic structure when spending time away from the family and school by offering a variety of camps throughout the year.


Community Health Ambassador Program

CHAMP's mission is to promote resident-driven health initiatives, support resident empowerment and leadership, and link residents with connections to outside networks, resources and information.


Reach and Rise

The program is a national, therapeutic mentoring program that matches adult volunteer mentors (ages 23+) with young people. Together, mentors and mentees share diverse experiences, develop a stronger sense of belonging within their communities, and create lasting memories!


Truancy Assessment and Resource Center

Truancy Assessment and Resource Center (TARC) is a one-stop resource center for truancy intervention services and supports for middle and high school students who attend the SFUSD.


Youth Empowerment Fund

The program funds youth ideas, proposals, and more by awarding them grants. YEF amplify youth voices, strengthen communities, activate youth-led change & support youth leadership.


Youth Mental Health Services

The program serves youth and families who are either Medi-Cal eligible, have experienced trauma or have had or are at risk of having involvement with the juvenile justice system. Services are provided at schools and other various locations citywide.