Our alternative education support programs encourage and increase high school completion and connections to post-secondary pathways. Led by trauma-informed care professionals, young people are positioned for long-term success and support. Students are enrolled through third party systems such as a school or as part of their probation.

Our accredited high school features one-on-one access to support with case managers, instructors and counselors on location. Access to support within public school systems is also available.

Our Programs

Our programs position students for long-term success and support by reducing stress as a trauma-informed partner in and outside of classrooms. Our main objective is reducing recidivism within the community and encouraging academic achievement and movement into the workforce.

Center for Academic Reentry and Empowerment (C.A.R.E)

C.A.R.E provides individualized support services for truant youth who have not experienced success in a traditional public high school setting. Our current programs run through the Bayview Hunters Point YMCA and Buchanan YMCA.


Truancy Assessment and Resource Center (TARC)

TARC delivers truancy intervention services through case management to youth who are habitually or chronically truant. This program currently runs out of the Urban Services YMCA.


Youth Chance High School

Youth Chance accredited high school specializes in working with young people that are experiencing unhealthy relationships with education, academic institutions, and their identity as learners. This program runs through the Embarcadero YMCA.



5 Keys provide FREE adult education for anyone ages 16-96 residing in California wishing to obtain their GED, HiSET, or High School Diploma through charter schools. This program runs through the Bayview Hunters Point YMCA.