Membership FAQs

  • Who can participate at the Y?

    All people are welcome to participate in YMCA of San Francisco programs and use our facilities as members, regardless of race, ability, religion, gender, national origin, sexual orientation or income. Everyone belongs at the Y.

  • How can I join the Y?

    You can join online or in person at our membership welcome desks (see locations). Join a home branch, and have access to all of the Y's in Marin, San Francisco and San Mateo. If you have any more questions, feel free to give us a call at 415-777-9622.

  • Can I access all of the Y's in Northern California when I join?

    Yes! When you join the Y of San Francisco, choose a home branch that you'll visit most frequently- more than 50% of the time. Then, you'll have access to every branch of the Y of San Francisco, through Marin, San Mateo and San Francisco counties, as well as all of the Y's in Northern California- see our map, here. This includes use of pools and for family memberships with kids, use of Y Kids on-site child care. Learn more about membership perks.

  • How do I access my account online?

    In the right-hand corner of your screen, just click Log In at the top-right of our website and you will have an option to login (you can also click here).
    From there you can access your profile. If you have logged into your account in the past, type in your email address and password. If you have never logged on before, follow the appropriate links at the bottom of the log-in page.
  • What do I do if I forgot my password?

    After navigating to the gear icon on the top right hand corner of your screen and clicking "log in", click “Forgot Password” and follow the prompts to re-set.
  • How do I get a receipt?

    - Log on to your account and click on ‘Payment History’

    - Select the drop down list for the date range needed

    - Click the arrow next to each payment method to see the details of the fees

    - Click the printer icon to view a ‘Printer Friendly’ receipt option

  • Does the Y offer income based pricing?

    Yes. Y memberships and programs are open to everyone, and cost should not be a barrier to accessing services through the Y. Sliding Scale Pricing is available based on income and household size- scholarship funds come from the generosity of our donors.All inquiries into financial assistance and supporting documentation is confidential. Download the application, here.

  • How do I update my payment method(s)?

    To update your credit card number and expiration date, or your EFT account numbers:

    • Click "log in" under the right hand corner gear menu on the main navigation (or click here)
    • Under “Payment Methods” click the hyperlinked numbers for the credit card/EFT you wish to update
    • Click the lock icon to update the number.
    • Submit
    • Select the red icon next to each billing method if you would like to completely remove the credit card or EFT from your record. Please note: you cannot delete a payment method that is currently being used for membership, scheduled program payments, or scheduled donation payments.

    To add a new credit card or EFT to your account:

    • Click "log in" under the right hand corner gear menu on the main navigation (or click here)
    • Under “Payment Methods” click “Add credit card” or “Add bank draft (EFT)”
    • Enter the billing method information and submit
  • Can I register online for programs and classes?

    Yes! Become a member of the Y to access and sign up for our youth, family, adult and senior programs. You can sign up for an annual program membership, by selecting a branch and choosing "program membership", here. Browse our program offerings, most of which offer online registration, here.  

  • Can I volunteer at the Y to help serve the community?

    Yes! Volunteering is an important part of the community work of the Y of San Francisco. Y volunteers work at each facility; they help with programs and events; they serve on committees; and some lead as members of branch boards. We are grateful for all volunteer help, and we need a wide range of skills and interests to help us meet the needs of the people and the community that we serve. To learn more about volunteer opportunities, view our volunteer page, call or visit your YMCA.



  • How can I cancel my membership?

    Y members are not on a monthly contract and you can cancel for any reason. Simply provide in writing your request to terminate your membership, by the 25th of the previous month. For example, if you'd like to cancel your membership effective June 5th, email your request to terminate by May 25th. You may email the membership director of your home branch, or Member Services. You may also stop by the front desk of any branch and request to cancel in person.

  • Does it matter which Y branch I join?

    When you join the Y of SF, you have access to all of our fitness facilities as well as access to Y's in Northern California. You should join the branch you plan to visit most frequently, 50% of the time- your Home Branch. Your Home branch is the Y you’re registered as a member and regularly participate the majority of the time. If you are visiting another location more often than your home branch, we will assist you by transferring your membership to your new home branch. This may or may not change your membership fee.