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Healthy Weight and Your Child (HWYC)

Healthy Weight and Your Child is designed to bring families together to make healthy changes and supports children carrying excess weight to reach a healthier weight.

What will we learn?

Together with your child, you will attend program sessions to learn about healthy eating, physical activity and how to set goals to make positive lifestyle changes. In each two-hour session, session is dedicated to a special topic and allows space for your family to make healthy goals together. We provide a safe environment to learn and provide the support needed to apply the program learnings at home.

What will we do?

The first hour of each session is dedicated to facilitated family learning. We’ll discuss topics such as healthy eating and portion control, and take a grocery store tour. The second hour gets kids up and active. Parents will spend the first 30 minutes connecting with other parents and discussing their experiences of applying program learnings at home. Then everyone will join together in the activities so the whole family can be active together.

Program benefits:

  • Four months of YMCA membership — FREE!
  • Free Y Kids Childcare while you workout
  • Unlimited Group Exercise Classes
  • Updated & modern fitness equipment
  • Discounted Pricing on Family & Youth Programs
  • Swimming Pool  & Basketball Court Access
  • Unlimited Wellness Support

To qualify, your child must be 7-13 years old, carry excess weight with a BMI of the 95th percentile or higher, receive medical clearance to participate in physical activity, and a parent must attend all sessions with their child and participate in physical activities. To sign up, contact Emily Turpin at (415) 281-6702.

Holistic Nutrition Workshops

Check back for future workshops

Join our Certified Holistic Nutritionist for a series of educational holistic nutrition classes to amplify your health and wellness! She’ll cover delicious smoothie building, healthy weight topics, and the best ways to incorporate super foods into your lifestyle. 

Balanced Smoothie Building 101
Learn how to get the most out of your smoothies and make them  a satiating healthy drink. Mariana will discuss how to create smoothies that are balanced with protein, carbs, fat, and fiber. Mariana will also be sharing some of her favorite smoothie recipes with participants.

Super Foods
This workshop will cover foods you could incorporate into your diet for a HUGE nutrition boost. We'll learn cool food tidbits and information, and share some fun recipes.

Tips for Healthy Weight Management
This workshop will discuss essential tips and tricks for maintaining a healthy weight. Mariana will discuss topics such as how to be more sensitive to insulin, how to handle carbs well, essential foods, nutrients, and lifestyle habits to incorporate into your lifestyle for a healthy body and healthy weight.

Inflammation Workshops

Check back for future workshops

Inflammation is something we all deal with everyday. Whether it be through the food we eat, stress, exercise, and environmental exposures. There is a wealth of healthy habits one can implement to combat such a common driver of chronic diseases. Learn what inflammation is, where it stems from and what that means for your body. 

Class 1: Introduction to inflammation
Learn what inflammation really is, and its biological processes in the body. The physiological affects of inflammation will be covered, and most importantly you will learn how inflammation can be a direct cause for developing a chronic disease. 

Class 2: The Power of Anti-Inflammatory Foods
Now that you have an understanding of inflammation and what it can do in the body, class two will teach you all about the direct power specific foods have against fighting inflammation. 

Class 3: The Anti-Inflammatory Diet
This class will give you the tools to apply what you’ve learned about inflammation and food. It's time to make the knowledge practical and applicable for your daily life. We'll go over Mariana's anti-inflammatory meal plan and the basics for how to set up your own meal plan.