Youth Need Us More Than Ever

Stories of Impact

"Being an only child to a single mother and disabled grandmother, Joseph’s opportunities to be physically and socially active are minimal to say the least. It would not have been possible without the financial assistance program opportunity."

"As a kid growing up in a small apartment in San Francisco, Skyler hasn't had the opportunity to connect to the beauty and wildness of California, so the program is a true gift. Before deciding to go on his first trip he was very uncertain that he would like it, but wow was he transformed afterward! I felt his personal growth through the experience and know for sure it will have a lasting positive impact on him long into the future."

"It was the best experience ever! I felt so independent, safe, and free with my friends.  And to not see cement and tall buildings and cars everywhere was so nice.  I think I liked that the best. I love nature."

"As a single mom on a tight budget, I am really grateful to have had the opportunity to send my daughter to an amazing summer camp where she had such a great experience. We could not have afforded to do it without the scholarship. Thank you so very much!"

Youth Will Need Camp

Children have endured isolation, lack of structured schooling, and missed opportunities for vital socializing and community-building. We need to preserve YMCA Camp Jones Gulch, a place that has impacted so many lives. For everyone who has come to Camp, and for the generations to come, we must not lose this special place.

Keep YMCA Camp Jones Gulch Going For Generations

This is your chance to step up and protect YMCA Camp Jones Gulch in honor of the impact it has had on your life and for the impact it will have on future generations to come. Your support is needed now more than ever!