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Gave 292 youth financial assistance for camp last summer

Gave 28 local youth the opportunity to learn to swim

Taught 54 Counselors-in-Training confidence and leadership skills

Allowed 131 Day Campers enjoy roasting marshmallows, arts and crafts, and much more

Helped 172 families bond through games, skits, and arts & crafts at family camp

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Our story starts about 25 years ago.  As a child I always attended day camp at Stonestown YMCA.  Every year one of our overnights was at Jones Gulch.  I looked forward to it tremendously and always wished that I could attend sleep-away camp, but my mom was a single mom and could not afford to send me.

When my kids became school aged, I knew for sure that I wanted them to experience camp in the summer.  We attended Christmas in the Redwoods event a few years ago at Camp Jone Gulch and ever since my kids have been asking to go to camp there.  My response was always “we’ll see” because I know camp is very expensive and did not know how I was going to afford it.

Because of the financial assistance program my daughter was able to attend this year and I cannot tell you how incredible of a blessing this was.  As a parent, I was very nervous about her being away from home for that many days without really knowing how she was doing.  Would she be ok without me?  

When I came to pick her up I found a happy, confident, girl.  She had made new friends, she was raving about the food, wanted to show us everything that made camp “hers”.  I feel like in the week she was gone she matured and grew so much.

If I could write a thank you note to each and every donor I would.  You have blessed our family and created a very special memory and experience for my child that I know she will never ever forget.  Please know that your generosity is appreciated and not taken for granted!

mom to Aidan, age 8

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