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12 Ways to Make Nutrition Fun

Making Nutrition Fun at our Local Y's

During the month of March, we shared healthy tips you could incorporate into your daily lives in the spirit of National Nutrition Month on social media. Staying active and eating healthy shouldn't just happen for one month of the year, but all year long, and throughout your life. Take a look at some of our favorite tips from our branch staff and members in Marin, San Francisco, and San Mateo, California.

#1: Plan your Activity

From Embarcadero YMCA

Keep comfy clothes & running shoes at your office to make activity a regular part of your day. 

#2: Slow Down

From Chinatown YMCA

Try chopsticks to help you slow down and recognize when you’re full so you don’t overeat.

#3: Try Something New

From: Shih Yu-Lang Central YMCA

Be adventurous and try a fruit or vegetable you’ve never tried before, like dragon fruit!

#4: Eat the Rainbow

From: Buchanan YMCA

Max, a Buchanan YMCA member, is choosing to eat fruits & vegetables rich in color, which are full of vitamins and minerals, like an eggplant.

#5: Team Up

From: Stonestown Family YMCA

Find a friend with similar goals. Swap healthy recipes, eat healthy meals together, and be active together. 

#6: Grow Your Own Food

From: Mission YMCA

Start small with a window herb box or plant fruits and veggies in your backyard. Mission YMCA grows their own food in their nutrition garden.

#7: Choose Green Sides

From: Richmond District YMCA

When ordering out, pick dishes that highlight more veggies or choose greener sides. 

#8: Get Active in your Commute

From: YMCA of San Francisco

Take a brisk walk around the block, jog to public transportation, ride your bike, or in this case, dance with a Muni driver!

#9: Take a Healthy Class

From: Presidio Community YMCA

Take free nutrition sessions with Kasin Anton, Nutrition Consultant at Presidio Community YMCA. Learn More

#10: Visit a Farm

From: Bayview YMCA

Learn where your food comes from and try something new. 

#11: Redo Your Coffee Order

From: YMCA of San Francisco

If ordering a larger drink with added sweeteners is your routine, try downsizing your drink. 

#12: Get Creative

From: Marin YMCA

Presenting healthy eating in an unexpected way makes nutrition fun. Marin YMCA serves 750 children in their Fresh & Fit after school program, which teaches new ways to eat healthy. 


Learn more healthy tips from the United States Department of Agriculture.