LAUNCH Appointments

LAUNCH is a series of complimentary one-on-one wellness sessions included with your membership. LAUNCH is designed to help you identify and reach your health and wellness goals. Each session is 30-60 minutes of one-on-one support with a Wellness Coach who will help you create long-term healthy habits.

Sign up at the front desk or with a Wellness Coach.

Get Started


In your first LAUNCH Appointment, you will:

+  Discuss Wellness Goals
+  Develop an Action Plan to Breakdown Barriers
+  Demo Exercises
+  Learn About Y Programs
+  Schedule LAUNCH 2 Appointment



In your second LAUNCH Appointment, you will:

+  Review Goals and Check Your Progress
+  Adjust Your Action Plan
+  Introduce New Exercises or Classes to Your Program
+  Get Answers to Your Questions
+  Identify Next Steps



After completing LAUNCH 2, explore:

Personal Training
+  Continued Support Through Coaching
 Group Exercise Classes
+  Private or Group Swim Lessons