Beginners Ballet Workshops

We are not offering Adult Ballet at this time.

In the Beginners Workshop, you will learn the very basics of ballet in a highly personalized and encouraging environment. The basic stance, body placement, feeling of the music and basic terminology will all be part of the workshop. Experience is not required.

Intermediate Ballet Workshops

We are not offering Adult Ballet at this time

The intermediate workshop requires some experience and a basic understanding of classical ballet technique and terminology. More challenging barre and center work is introduced. Emphasis is placed on correct execution of steps, placement and choreography. 

About the Instructor

Lisa Stevens

Lisa Stevens has been trained as a ballet teacher by Ruth Petrinovic in her Seminars for Teachers in Classical Ballet. For over two decades, Lisa's students have benefited by her ability to clearly demonstrate the movements and her ability to provide a fun and motivating class. Lisa comes with many years of experience both as a professional dancer and instructor at the Richmond District, Stonestown and Presidio's Community Y's.