Who We Are


"Access to a job in the summer and beyond can make all the difference to a young person-especially those who don't have access to many resources and opportunities."
 ​- President Barack Obama 

Urban Services Youth Workforce Department is committed to helping youth overcome personal and professional barriers by providing them with skills that prepare them for workplace success. We provide workshops, internships, and employment opportunities for transitional age youth between the ages of 14-24. Youth Workforce offers four programs: E2E, ROR, Boiler Maker Productions, and R2R.  


Our Programs

• Empowerment to Employment 
• Roots of Resistance 
• Boilermaker Productions
• Case Management and Workshops
• Jewish Vocational School

What We Offer

Roots of Resistance ROR (formerly Roots of Success)

Roots of Resistance is an empowering educational program that prepares youth for environmental careers while promoting environmental justice. ROR professional development training is taught over six weeks and, upon successful completion of training, participants earn $400. Once done with training, participants are connected to jobs and internships within and outside of the green economy.  


About ROR:


  • ROR participants receive professional development training twice a week, for seven weeks, prior to job placement assistance.
  • Training focuses on environmental literacy as well as developing essential skills needed to be successful in the workplace.
  • Participants receive a $400 stipend after completing their seven weeks of training.
  • Participants will receive Muni and/or BART transportation assistance throughout professional development training.


  • Participants will receive hands on assistance in securing a job or internship following successful completion of training. 


ROR staff will provide participants with connections to jobs within, and outside of, the YMCA network, as well as letters of recommendations and professional references. 
Additionally, resume, cover letter, and job application assistance will be available to all participants applying to jobs within and outside of the YMCA network.


As an ROR participant, you will receive six weeks of professional development training as well as continuous support throughout the program. Upon completing six weeks of training, you will receive a $400 stipend.


  • Ages 14-18 


Once you complete training, ROR staff will help you secure a job or paid internship within or outside of our vast network of partners. We can connect participants to a variety of green industry summer internships in San Francisco. 


  • Transportation assistance during your six-week training program
  • Assistance Obtaining a California ID or Driver's License
  • Assistance Obtaining Professional Clothing
  • Referrals to Food Assistance Programs
  • Referrals to Housing Assistance Programs


  • Our fall cohort will begin in September 2021 (dates TBD). Please send an email to jsalerno@ymcasf.org to get more information!

Empowerment To Employment (E2E)

E2E's mission is to create pathways to sustainable employment for transitional age youth between the ages of 18-24. E2E provides six weeks of paid, comprehensive professional development and skills training, followed by employment placement for a minimum of 300 hours. Participants are guaranteed up to 25 work hours per week at a rate of $17.05 an hour.  As an E2E participant, you will receive six weeks of professional development training as well as continuous support throughout the program. Upon completing six weeks of training, you will receive a $400 stipend.



Am I guaranteed a job once I finish six weeks of training and how much will I earn?

  • Yes! Within one month of completing training, you will be placed at a job site for a minimum of three months. You will earn $17.05 per hour.

How many hours per week can I work?

  • Participants will work up to 25 hours per week. Your schedule will be determined by your employer and could be made flexible to accommodate your college class schedule. 

What kind of jobs can E2E set me up with?

  • Nonprofit Support 
  • Construction and Trades
  • After School and Social Services Support 
  • Hospitality

What kind of support can E2E offer me? E2E offers the following support:

  • Mandatory professional support check-ins once a week for the first six weeks of your employment placement
  • Transportation assistance during your six-week training program and the first two weeks of your job placement
  • Assistance Obtaining a California ID or Driver's License
  • Assistance Obtaining Professional Clothing
  • Referrals to Food Assistance Programs
  • Referrals to Housing Assistance Programs

What happens when my employment placement ends?

  • E2E staff will work with you to help you secure new employment. E2E can provide:
  • Connections to jobs within the YMCA network
  • E2E staff support via letters of recommendation and professional references
  • Resume and cover letter assistance
  • Assistance applying to jobs outside of the YMCA network


Summer Cohort Training begins in June 2021 (Specific dates times, location TBD). Please complete the interest form and an E2E representative will contact you with more details.

Interest Form


Roadmap To Readiness (R2R)

In cooperation with June Jordan School for Equity, the Youth Workforce Development Department offers an internship program for juniors that counts toward high school credits and culminates in paid experiential learning at the James Denman Beacon Center. Once students have completed half a semester of in-class professional preparation, they are invited to complete an apprenticeship in one of the following disciplines:

  • Screen printing
  • Music production
  • Photography
  • 3D Printing
  • Afterschool Support with James Denman Middle School students

Students receive a stipend of $400 at the end of their apprenticeship. They are invited back the following semester as interns with the objective of teaching incoming apprentices how to perform their new role.

Boiler Marker Productions

In cooperation with John O'Connell High School and the After School Program, the youth workforce department offers an internship program called Boiler Maker productions. This program, which is open to all students, focuses on both the technical and business side of music production. This is a comprehensive, semester-long internship program that takes place during and after school. Participants produce an album as a culminating project and receive a $400 stipend.

Employer Portal

Click here to access the E2E Employer Portal.


Susy Dubon

Director of High School Programs and TAY Services

Troy Reinhard

Employment Specialist

Troy started as a member at Shih Yu-Lang Central back in 2006. He found his passion in music there through "Y Projects". Now he works with transitional age youth developing professional skills and assisting them in achieving their goals.


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