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General Information

Swimming on a team as a means of exercise is not limited to youth or Olympic Swimmers.  Here at the Stonestown YMCA, we have a US Master’s team geared to our members, 18 years or older, looking for a guided work-out the also brings comradery, coaching and all of the health benefits of swimming.  This low-impact work-out is adaptable to almost any level of swimmer, focusing on stroke technique and endurance which lead to physical, mental and social benefits including, but not limited to: reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, develops lung capacity, reduces stress and anxiety, and improves self-esteem.

Under the supervision of a USMS coach, you will receive guided work outs and technique tips to help you develop your swimming skills and challenge you in new ways. Join the Master’s team and make swimming your lifetime sport!

Practice Times


Monday, Wednesday, Friday


Facility Member:

Drop In Fee:
Facility members: $8
Community Participant: $10 (plus our facility day pass fee)

For more information, please contact Natalie McArthur