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Ensures a brighter future for our YMCA youth

Feeds 350 youth a nightly meal each week in our Culinary Arts Program

Provides three months of field trips in the Bay Area for our seniors

Pays for one month of meals to feed 20 seniors

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"I moved to San Francisco to live with my cousins, but my auntie kicked us out. My dad called to say we’d be staying at a shelter on Golden Gate Avenue and told me to go to the YMCA down the street. I started playing basketball, doing my homework and got interested in the Y Projects Music Program. I was really shy, my grades were bad so I began working with a tutor at the Y. My tutor was always there to help me. He said I could be whatever I wanted to be. He made me feel like a leader, and said I could accomplish anything if I worked hard. The next school year I was so excited to go to the Y and do everything all over again. I was aiming to be the Youth of the Year, and convincing my friends to do the same thing: work to stay on point, and join every activity that we could. If it wasn’t for the Y, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be doing as good in school— maybe even have dropped out. I’ve done so many things here at the Y that I would never have done and the Y has done so much for me. My dad says he’s happy that I didn’t turn down his offer when he told me to go to the Y that day.”

- Marquis Hamilton, Former Youth Member and Current Program Staff

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