Our Strategic Vision

The healthiest children in America will live in the Bay Area, building the skills and habits for a healthy life, being empowered to reach their highest potential.

“My daughter came home every day from girls only bike camp, exhaustedly excited, proudly recounting their mileage and their route... just happy, and tired, and looking forward to the next day. Thank you for helping grow my girl into a strong, confident and happy human." 

– YBike Parent, Presidio YMCA

"Last week I took a group of high-school sophomores, who live in Oakland, to the beach. They'd never seen the ocean before." 

– Emily Brown, Lead Naturalist at the Point Bonita YMCA

“Camp pushed me to do things I never realized I could do.”  

-Ben, Age 16

“Diabetes was a significant factor in my mother’s life and death. I grew up with doctors wanting to test my blood sugar, but in my early years I denied it. I recently decided that the best way to stop living under the cloud of diabetes was to actively do something to prevent it, so I joined the YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program... The program taught me that I have the ability to take charge of my health.”

– Vicky, Peninsula YMCA Member

Our Initiatives

Engaging Youth in Nature

Youth today are spending less time outdoors than any generation in human history. This decrease coincided with the skyrocketing rates of childhood obesity, diabetes, anxiety, and depression among children.

Healthy Eating & Physical Activity

Nutrition and active fun have a direct impact on a child’s capacity to achieve academically, develop life-long healthy habits, and make a successful transition to adulthood.

Mental Health Services

The Y is addressing unmet mental health needs through evidenced-based mentoring practices, and community mental health modalities.

Workforce Development

The Y is embedded in the communities that have been among the hardest hit by unemployment and inequality. The issue of unemployment and underemployment is complex, and our response is equally multifaceted. We believe self-sufficiency is critical to health and well-being.