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YMCA LAUNCH: A Free Wellness Coaching Program for YMCA Members

LAUNCH into Wellness at the Y!

Are you ready to make a healthy change, but aren't sure where to start? Perhaps you've already started on your healthy journey, but need help taking it to the next level? 

If you're seeking support with weight loss, stress management, healthy eating or active living, our LAUNCH Program, an individualized Wellness Coaching Experience, is for you...

What is Wellness Coaching?

Wellness Coaching is a collaborative, dialogic approach designed to help you become a master of your own physical and emotional wellness.

Through thoughtful assessment, guidance, accountability and empowerment, Wellness Coaches assess your current physical and emotional state to help you build upon your core values and strengths, and assist you in creating strategies for healthier, happier living.

Wellness Coaching is provided in individual and group settings both in-person and virtually.


Wellness Coaching is a core element to all YMCA of San Francisco Wellness Programs. You'll get precisely the guidance you need for precisely the goals you set.


Who is the Wellness Coach?
Wellness Coaches are trained health professionals with experience in Motivational Interviewing and exploratory facilitation. They are a vital part of the greater healthcare team bridging the gap between traditional healthcare and enacting sustainable, positive behavioral lifestyle changes (IIN, 2021).

What is LAUNCH?

The YMCA LAUNCH Program is an individualized Wellness Coaching experience and Free for Active Y Members.

We'll help you with any of the following:
    - Weight loss / management
    - Increasing exercise / activity levels
    - Reducing anxiety / stress
    - Making healthy food choices
    - Improving energy levels
    - Managing your time
    - Developing a sense of healthy purpose

How It Works
In each session, your Coach will ask questions to understand your goals, then provide resources, feedback and guidance aligned to your current needs and abilities. Your Coach will also challenge you to be accountable to your goals by helping you to establish daily practices and habits that encourage you to think about lifestyle and long-term health. All sessions are conversational, which means you are not physically active in your sessions. However, your Coach may recommend physical activity between sessions, including Individual Workouts or Group Exercise or Personal Training or Aquatics Programming.

    - Receive 3 (free) one-hour sessions
    - Meet in a private setting (virtual or in-person)
    - Share your personal health history, goals and experience
    - Determine the challenges to reaching your goals
    - Collaboratively design a personal Wellness Vision
    - Build an action plan to achieve your wellness goals

To Schedule Your Free Sessions, call the front desk of any open YMCA facility and one of our helpful Membership Staff will get you started.

Transformational Wellness Experiences

YMCA Wellness Coaches also support small groups of individuals working toward similar goals. If the group format is something you're looking for, we offer a variety of programs designed to give you exactly the wellness guidance you need, with a larger community that offers you motivation and support. Learn more about our Wellness Experiences.

Not Yet a Y Member? 
Learn more about YMCA Membership, including our COVID-19 Safety Measures, Financial Assistance Program, and multiple Wellness Offerings.