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Our Review of This Year's Black History Month!

February is a time in which we recognize the longstanding, indelible influence that Black Americans have had in the U.S.  

Black History is American History, and we have an obligation to seek the knowledge and understanding of the past to make vital connections to the present in order to build a better future for generations to come. We have the responsibility to show up for Black lives beyond words and reflections by taking necessary actions and steps every day to actively support Black Americans in the ongoing struggles against social, political, structural and economic injustices that impact our communities. Whether it is on the front line as essential workers, grocery store workers, truck drivers, healthcare providers, CEOs, government employees, artists, or any other service to our nation, Black Americans have always been at the forefront in the face of adversity.

We honor our predecessors and ancestors in the fight for all dimensions of equity and justice. We are charged by the strength of everyone before us to continue to stand strong and resolute as we carry on this work. -AARN (African American Resource Network Leaders) 

This year our AARN team, Bayview YMCA, YSF Staff and so many more got together to celebrate Black History Month in a big way. Check out this Black History Month review, and learn more about our Employee Resource Groups.


YSF at Black History Parade and Community Party

YSF at Black Joy

YSF Black Ball

We Wear Black