Building diversity and equity means supporting people from all walks of life. It also means passing the mic to others who have not had a "seat at the table". For this reason, YSF leadership collaborates with employee networks an encourages staff to participate in and with these groups. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are groups of employees who share a common bond, shared customs, communities and/or life experiences. Our ERG provides staff support, a safe space, resources, and additional career or personal development. These teams uplift culture from our diverse community, and uplift challenges of the modern world both inside and outside of our workplace to keep our organization committed to EQUITY. All ERGs are open to every staff member- whether you are from the community, a learner, a supporter, or ally.

DIG and ERG Leaders:

Suzanne Medine 

Kari Lee

Asian Pacific Islander Leadership Network (APILN)

Our APILN team brings communities together to celebrate and collaborate with other Bay Area communities. The Asian Pacific Islander Leadership Network (APILN) is a regional community of staff, volunteers, and their allies who share information and resources through social activities and meaningful experiences. Our goal is to advance the development of Asians, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders (AANHPI) -- personal, professional, leadership, or other development -- by empowering their rise in the Movement through advocacy, networking, and mentoring.

  • AAPI Community Events
  • Stop Asian Hate Resources
  • Y Programming

Connect with our leaders and co-chairs:

Monica Lai and Crissie Ponciano

African American Resource Network (AARN)

The African American Resource Network (AARN) ERG is focused on building community and response to community, cultural and critical events that happen within the black community in the BayArea. AARN offers professional development, community events, and other networking spaces for our black colleagues to reach fulfilment professionally and socially. 

  • Community Focused Events
  • Professional Development
  • BYMOC programs

Connect with our leaders and co-chairs:

Crystal Abasolo and Jonathan Boone


The LGBTQIA+ ERG is a community of Bay Area LGBTQ+ staff, volunteers, and their allies who share information and resources through social activities and meaningful experiences. This group focuses on creating visibility, security and acceptance in the spaces we hold. 

Connect with our leaders and co-chairs:

Precious Ogbonna and Joshua Pisciotta

Latinx ERG

The Latinx ERG serves as a space to engage in community. We can collaborate on addressing the issues and inequities, accomplishments are celebrated, and the people we represent are not seen as visitors, but an integral fiber of the fabric that is America. This is a space for all Latin@s, Hispanics, Allies, and YMCA staff as a whole. 

  • Community collaborative and volunteer events
  • YMCA staff and community building and networking
  • Affinity Space
  • Professional development
  • Y programming and resources

Connect with our leaders and co-chairs:

Kiara Mendez and Miguel Vargas-Ahumada

Women's Leadership Network (WLN)

The Women's Leadership Network (WLN) is built to discuss the impact of women leaders and giving more intentions behind breaking the glass ceiling. The participation of women and girls in the YMCA was stressed almost from the beginnings of the YMCA in the United States. Women’s and girl’s programming initially grew out of local community needs rather than out of any centralized YMCA initiative; As self-governing from the beginning local associations were able to move quickly in providing services and membership for women and girls. As early as 1858 girl’s programs can be traced in YMCA history.

  • Y Programming for gender equity
  • Professional Development
  • Community events

Connect with our leaders and co-chairs:

Jeanie Calagui and Elizabeth Capistrano

Employee Resource Groups Updates

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