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Model Legislature & Court's Capitol Takeover

Our MLC Youth Delegates Capitol Takeover


At our final youth conference in Sacramento, delegates debated bills they championed in the State Senate and Assembly Chambers, perfected their arguments for a winning case, worked to persuade panelists to vote on their Board of Education proposals, and much more!


Youth Experience 

This program provides youth with the opportunity to experience government first-hand and to learn how to solve community problems through the democratic process as well as debate and discuss issues with their peers from throughout California. This year San Francisco brought 75 youth delegates to convene with over 3,000 others from across the state.

"The Department of Finance Program made me more interested in economics and the financial side of politics. I made a lot of friends in this program and it has helped me to improve my leadership and public speaking skills." - Oliver, Marin Delegate. 

Our Advisor Team is so proud of all our youth's progress and many accomplishments throughout their Sacramento Capitol Takeover experience. 

"It was incredible to see the rate at which students progressed while participating in this program. Several students went from fearing public speaking to doing it with confidence and grace!" - Nigel, Lead Adivsor for Bayview's Burton HS Delegation




Youth Accomplishments

  • Bill Passed - Buchanan delegates wrote legislation that focused on equality in the workforce. They created an amendment that would require employers to pay all people with diverse abilities California Sate Minimum Wage. This bill passed in both houses and sign by our Youth Governor Scott Nagatoshi. 


  • Political Action Committee (PAC) of the Year - awarded to youth lobbyist Chloe, Sophmore with the Stonestown Delegation 



  • Court Cases Won - youth attorney Stephanie, Junior with the Marin Delegation 


  • Board of Education Proposal Passed - Karen and Jonathan, Seniors with the Buchanan Delegation proposed and initiative to incorporate Latinx dance and visual arts focused classes into high school curriculum


  • Delegation of Distinction - awarded to Marin Delegation


Youth in Leadership 



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