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It's Not Just for Bodybuilders Anymore

Les Mills BODYPUMP™ is now at nine YMCA of San Francisco locations. This group exercise class uses light weights and faster lifting with more repetitions to develop a beautifully lean and toned body. 

Find Your Class

Five Y branches currently offer Les Mills BODYPUMP group exercise classes:

Stacey Tanabe, Presidio Community YMCA's Group Exercise coordinator, says, BODYPUMP is her favorite class to teach:

"For me, BODYPUMP is my favorite format. You get the whole body done in an hour. I love that I see all types of people in my classes. I see young people, athletes, beginners, “start-stopper attendees” and seniors. My oldest student is in her 80s.”

New Locations Across San Francisco

We are adding BODYPUMP to four new locations across San Francisco:


You Have Options

A big reason BODYPUMP is so popular is because the class offers many adjustment options to get results. 

Is this your first class? Start with just the bar, or lighter weights. If your shoulders hurt with the bar, grab a plate. As the instructors will tell you in every class, you can adjust the reps and the weights to fit your needs.

"Being able to lift weights in a group setting is what I love about BODYPUMP. You’re all there working together, just like the mission of the Y!" - Stacey Tanabe

Discover the world’s most popular barbell workout at the YMCA. Get lean and strong with 800-1,000 reps per class. Transform your body while we transform lives.