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Your 2021 Resolution Solution

Each year brings opportunity.

46% of Americans set goals for the New Year, yet only about 8% accomplish what they set out to do. This year, the Y wants to help YOU reach your wellness goals. Review the steps below and craft your 2021 Healthy Focus.

Step 1: Get Focused

It’s no secret that New Year’s Resolutions often fail, but this year will be different.  Instead of setting one goal for the year, we’re going to focus on 12 monthly goals!  We challenge you to set ONE healthy focus for January 2021; then each month you can make a new (or renew) your healthy focus.

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Step 2: Healthy Choice

Goal setting should be bite-sized. Select a single focus for January, such as:

  • Increase sleep time

  • Reduce stress

  • Increase water intake

  • Reduce (or quit) smoking

  • Increase physical activity

  • Reduce screen time

  • Increase time outdoors

  • Reduce sitting time 

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Step 3: Bountiful Benefits

No matter which focus you choose, you'll enjoy health benefits:

  • Boost immunity

  • Manage blood pressure

  • Prevent or delay chronic disease

  • Improve memory and concentration


Step 4: Make Meaning

We are more motivated to make healthy change if we build meaning around our goal. Ask yourself these questions:

Why have I chosen this focus for January?
How will this focus support my personal health?
How will this focus support other areas of my life?

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Step 5: Envision Success

Change is about progression, not perfection. Expect periodic challenges and get prepared:

List two obstacles that might get in the way of you achieving the month’s focus.
How will you address these obstacles?
What do you need to make success more likely for yourself?

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Step 6: Recruit Support

We are more likely to enjoy the pursuit of a new goal with others beside us. Build a great network:

Who will support you on the road to success?
Who might derail your progress?


Step 7: Track Progress

Know where you’re starting from and track where you’re going.

Individuals who track their changes are often more successful than those who don’t. Whether you make marks on a calendar, chart progress in an app, or give yourself gold stars daily, visual displays of progress are helpful.

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Step 8: Give Credit

We are often our own worst enemies; this year, be your own best friend.

Give yourself credit when you take steps toward your goals. Recognize when you falter and keep in mind THAT’S OK. Reach out for support when needed and remember that change is about progress, not perfection.


Let's get started...

  1. Grab a pen and paper and write your January Healthy Choice.
  2. Write how often you will practice your healthy choice.
  3. Write when you will begin.

Share your story

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