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Pilates Studio Training

Transform the way your body looks, feels and performs! Pilates helps to develop strength, flexibility, endurance, coordination and balance without adding muscle bulk. Our Pilates training focuses on the quality of movement, breathing, and integration of the core postural muscles. Private and semi-private sessions are available. 

Each session is 55 minutes in length and is by appointment only.


What works best for me?

Studio (Apparatus) Work

  • Individualized program adapted as personal requirements change. Designed to cater for individual needs.
  • Uses some mat work as well as special apparatus (reformer, tower, wunda chair) and studio aids (therabands, balls, etc.).
  • More or less assistance, resistance, and exercise intensity can be easily created using the machines (e.g, using spring resistance, changing the center of gravity, size and base of support and lever length).
  • The machines and the personalized attention make it easier to increase exercise complexity, challenging coordination, dynamic strength and flexibility.
  • Range and type of movement more easily challenged with use of machines.
  • Excellent for rehabilitation, re-patterning movement.

Mat Work

  • Great for group work, but the lack of individual attention means exercises are kept comparatively simple.
  • Mat work only; May include studio aides (therabands, foam rollers etc)
  • Resistance and assistance levels are less flexible as you must rely largely on body weight, gravity, and lever length.
  • Range and type of movement tends to be restricted by flexibility constraints.
  • Not generally suitable for rehabilitation. 


Policies & Pricing


  • 3-session packages expire in 2 months, 6-session packages expire in 4 months and 9-session packages expire in 6 months of purchase date.
  • A 2-week written notice must be provided for full refund.
  • No make-ups or refunds for missed lessons.
  • Participants must provide own partner for semi-private training.
  • Participants are subject to a 24-hour session cancellation policy, or you will be charged.
  • Purchase your package and complete the paperwork. We’ll contact you within 24 hours.
  • For semi-private lessons, participants MUST provide their own partner for training sessions.


Private cost per person:

3 sessions: $242
6 sessions: $442
9 sessions: $607

Semi-private cost per person:

3 sessions: $120
6 sessions: $223
9 sessions: $303

Free Class! Pilates for pre-natal and newly post-partum

Join us at the Peninsula Family YMCA as Pilates instructor, Ginny, leads exercises adapted for pre-natal and newly post-partum mothers. With a calm relaxed atmosphere, these classes will focus on pelvic floor, core and upper body work, stretching, and relaxation/focus work.

Classes are FREE, and open to everyone in the community – Bring a friend! Please bring your newborns in a car seat, and get ready to spend time with other mamas at the Y!

How will Pilates help me?

  • Prenatal: Pilates is a great way to relieve the aches and pains a growing baby places on mama’s body. It will help you feel better and prepare you for labor and delivery.
  • Postpartum: The postpartum body needs Pilates because after the baby is born, the over stretching and re-alignments necessary to cope with pregnancy linger. Ginny will guide you on the path to restoring, strengthening and nurturing your body.

Pilates for Two: Pre-natal Pilates

Pre-natal Pilates for expecting mothers

Have a more comfortable pregnancy by using Pilates exercises that focus on strengthening and releasing muscle groups affected by your pregnancy at each trimester. Instructor Ginny Hibbs will teach you breathing exercises that will help with relaxation and labor, early postpartum recovery exercises, and simple exercises that you can practice at home with minimal equipment. We offer a 3-Session personalized package that adjusts to each stage of your pregnancy. 

Why Should I do Pilates during my pregnancy?

  • For a stronger transverse abdominis, which helps prevent diastasis recti.
  • You’ll develop a stronger connection to the Pelvic Floor muscles to support your growing uterus and protect your vital organs.
  • Pilates will teach you better breath control.
  • You’ll strengthen your stabilizing muscles, especially those surrounding the hips and pelvis to ensure less discomfort as your baby grows.
  • You’ll be quicker to recover and return to your pre-pregnancy body.

3-Session Package: $205

Meet the Trainers

Brete Martin, MA, PMA®-CPT is the Pilates Coordinator for the Peninsula Family YMCA. She has been teaching movement for over 30 years. She graduated from SFSU with a B.A. in Physical Education/Dance, and an M.A. Creative Arts. Brete uses Pilates to teach functional body mechanics for athletes and those with specific injuries/restrictions to enhance athletic performance and daily activities. She brings an attitude of compassionate understanding of individual bodies’ needs cultivated through her many years of teaching movement for individuals of all body types and injuries.

Ginny Hibbs is a Pilates Instructor and a graduate of CSM’ Pilates Instructor Certificate Program-Balanced Body Curriculum. She holds a BSN from Arizona State University, Pre and Post Natal Specialist training from The Center for Women’s Fitness. She specializes in Pre and Post Natal Pilates mat and apparatus.

Kathryn Phipps, PMA®-CPT is a Pilates Instructor for the Peninsula Family YMCA. She holds the Comprehensive Pilates Instructor Certificate from College of San Mateo and Balanced Body University, Personal Trainer Certificate from National Council on Strength & Fitness, and Group Exercise Instructor Certificate from AFAA. Kathryn has also supplemented her Pilates training with Barefoot Balance exercise and TRX Suspension training as well as Senior Exercise training.

Noemi Manero is a Balance Body comprehensive Pilates instructor and a registered teacher with Yoga Alliance. Inspired by the wonderful Pilates and Yoga professionals she has met along her journey, she now wants to teach, help, and support others in the way her teachers have for her. She continues to
practice every day and she is committed to dedicating the rest of her life to help others in the emotional and physical journey. Noemi’s motto is connect with your students and teach from your heart.

Genevieve Yu is a long time Bay Area resident and fitness enthusiast. She is a PMA Certified Pilates Teacher, a registered teacher with Yoga Alliance, and a graduate of CSM's Pilates Instructor Certificate Program (Balanced Body). Genevieve is currently enrolled at CSM for RYT 500 teacher training program.

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