Evelyn Daskalakis

Senior Executive Director

Evelyn, LMFT, joined Urban in 2004. She strives to support youth and families by leading Urban’s mental health and family support efforts, as she has for the past nine years.

Suzanne Medina


Suzanne has been with the Y since 2000. She is dedicated to the success of all youth and families by leading Urban’s youth development and leadership efforts.

Cesane Crawford

Associate Executive Director

At Urban Services, Cesnae has dedicated more than seven years to helping youth and families thrive. He has lead this effort through his time at both the Family Resource Center and the Truancy Assessment & Resource Center.

Jane Chandler

Director of Mental Health

Director of Mental Health
With ten years of experience working with youth and families, Jane Chandler is recognized for her thoughtful and committed approach to mental health programming.

Ashley Blum

Administrative Services Director

Ashley is a Midwesterner at heart who fell in love with the sunshine and cultural diversity of the Bay Area.  She is passionate about supporting the people and policies that create vibrant communities.  

Carol Eggers

Development Director


Carol brings 25 years of arts fundraising experience and 20 years as a Y fitness instructor to leading development efforts at Urban.

Alex Teng

Design & Content Development Director

Alex has come all the way from Boston to join the Y team. A multi-media designer and content producer for the past 17 years, he brings extensive marketing and media production experience to the Y.

Annya Shapiro

Director of Clinical Services

Annya is passionate about family work and training new clinicians to provide the best possible mental health care for the most vulnerable members of our community.

Brandon Wiley

Director, Potrero Hill Family Resource Center

Damon Whitaker

Director of Re-engagement Strategies

Damon has committed over nine years to bringing transformational impact to the community by helping youth and families break limitations in their own lives through educational achievement.   

Jamaal Tibbs

Director of Western Addition Family Resource Center

For over 18 years, Jamaal has been dedicated to helping families strive for greatness. He is a career educator and has joined Urban Services to stretch beyond the scope of public education to better connect with families, helping them achieve personal or professional goals.  

Jennifer Kriebl

National Director, Reach & Rise®

National Director, Reach & Rise® 
As a longtime social worker, Jennifer believes in giving back to the community.  Be a mentor!  She oversees the Reach & Rise national mentoring program in 38 states.

Vicki Bynum

Associate National Director, Reach & Rise®

Associate National Director, Reach & Rise® 
Vicki is a LMFT & Art Therapist. She has worked for the YMCA of SF in a variety of mental health programs at the Youth Service Bureaus and Urban Services since 2007.

Jennifer Salerno

Director, Youth Workforce Development

Jennifer is focused on providing transitional age youth with the tools required to obtain and retain sustainable employment. 

Maureen Guerrero

Director, Service Connection Program

Maureen has been dedicated to helping people reach their educational & career goals for 11 years. She is passionate about reaching those living in public housing and who are at risk of gang involvement.

Phyllis Yamada-Louie

Associate Administrative Director

Phyllis has worked for the YMCA of San Francisco for more than 16 years. She is currently the Associate Administrative Director at Urban Services.

Sarah Millett

Associate Director of Grant Administration

Sarah has worked for the YMCA since 2012. She is passionate about creating strong administrative systems that support her colleagues and the amazing work that we do!  

Marcela Hunter

Senior Director of Youth Development

Marcela is passionate about creating programs that are inclusive and promote development. At the Y she has found a supportive community and wants to make sure everyone has that opportunity.

Jonathan Portney

Community Health Ambassador Program Director

I look forward to my career with the YMCA organization as we continue on our mission to build strong kids, strong families and strong communities by enriching the lives of all people in spirit, mind, and body. My career in Global Public Health continues to provide me with the opportunity to develop and work in communities, clinics, and hospitals both domestically and internationally. Before moving to San Francisco, I worked with Loma Linda University as an international missionary serving in Sierra Leone, West Africa at their Waterloo Adventist Hospital. Additionally, I have had the privilege of serving in Brazil, Belize, Peru, Honduras, Mexico, and the Philippines. I am fortunate to now work with the Urban Services YMCA Peer Health Leadership Program. The YMCA organization, staff, and the communities we serve share similar values, and that is inclusion, compassion, and grit. 



Breanne Harris

Youth Empowerment Fund Director

Breanne has worked with a wide age range of children in her career from newborns to college students in places like Boston, San Francisco, and Honolulu. She loves working with youth because of the energy they bring and the constant “aha!” moments of learning she gets to witness. She is passionate about social justice issues and received her Master’s in Sociology from Boston College with a focus in multiracial identity development in young women. Through her work with teens she has enjoyed seeing youth lead their peers and do amazing things in their communities.

Lyn-Tise Jones

Director of OMI Family Resource Center

Lyn-Tise Jones, is a provocative content master, engaged listener, and an artistically precise speaker.  She holds an earned Bachelor of Arts in Sociology & Mass Communications and a Master of Arts degree in Leadership.  She is proudly a third-generation resident of San Francisco, California’s, Bayview Hunters Point district.  

Lyn-Tise’s extensive senior level experience includes working with and for: large nonprofits, community stakeholders, local government, major construction companies, and smaller indigenous organizations.  She has a compassionately keen understanding of working with diverse and traumatized communities from California to Texas. She is masterfully adept in taking agencies and its programs to an expanded and enhanced level of service delivery. Through strategic planning, organizational assessments, development of more effective communication processes, program alignments, and staff development, Lyn-Tise, has been successful in her career working with these entities. Her skills will not only meet the needs of her clients but is sure to go the extra mile with grace, sophistication, and laughter. She has methodically executed presentations and public testimonies to various funding institutions on the needs and services for social justice advocacy, community inclusion, system improvements, racial equity and access to elected officials at the national, state and local level. 

Lyn-Tise’s ability to connect her often similar lived experience with her career endeavors is what sets her apart from the rest.  She is consistently motivated by human kindness with a slice of sarcasm.  Overall, she is driven by her desire to see, share, and feel the power of human connectedness.   

Liana Orozco

Director of Family Support and Community Services

Liana is a bilingual (English and Spanish) Social Work professional with over 20 years of direct service and case management experience. She's had the opportunity to work with a diverse population in various settings and understands the value of establishing and maintaining strong relationships with clients and stakeholders. She believes in helping youth, families, and communities work towards a better tomorrow.


Board Members 

Jeff Uken

Philanthropy Board Member

Vice President Foreign Exchange - Wells Fargo Bank

Jessica Schlacter

Philanthropy Board Member

Supplier Marketing Manager

Rob Lynch

Philanthropy Board Member

Vice President & Chief Operating Officer - Dome Construction

Melanie Turlington

Philanthropy Board Member

Water Resources Engineer/Consultant - ARCADIS

Basil Chidi

Philanthropy Board Member

Head of Accounting Policy - Lending Club Corporation

Luke Sikora

Philanthropy Board Member

Wealth Equity - Vulcan Capital

Maria Galou Lameyer

Philanthropy Board Member

Scientist / Senior Manager - Bristol Meyers Squibb

Gabrielle Pavelko

Philanthropy Board Member

Director of Sales - Jupiter Research

Katy Miller

Community Action Board Member

Representing San Francisco District Attorney's Office

Lissa Juan

Community Action Board Member


Aubrey Moore

Community Action Board Member

Innovation Support - Dish Network

Armando Mirando

Community Action Board Member

Deputy Public Defender - City of San Francisco

Allie Rawson

Community Action Board Member


Jacob Dumez

Community Action Board Member

Representing San Francisco City Treasurer

Elizabeth Ramirez

Community Action Board Member

Vanessa Pena-Hallinan

Community Action Board Member