Tacing Parker

Senior Executive Director

Bayview Hunters Point YMCA

Tacing is passionate about supporting youth, families and communities. Her experience provides an in-depth perspective to the strengths and needs of those she serves.

Demetrius Durham

Associate Executive Director and Senior Director of Transition, Re-engagement, and Employment Services

Bayview Hunters Point YMCA

(415) 822-4240

Demetrius' passion is shown by the many personal, professional, and economic opportunities created by his department each year.

Gigi Hill-Hopkins

Senior Director of Health and Wellness

Gigi’s enthusiasm and soulful belief in the benefits of staying healthy and strong has energized communities throughout San Francisco.

Drew Kodelja

Senior Director of Youth & Teen Services

(415) 666-9609

Drew takes a stand for what is equitable, fair, and just-- all things that are reflected through his work here at the Y.

Tino Ellington

Director of Sports & Recreation

Tino’s programs have enabled hundreds of youth to learn the value of being on a team and of working hard on and off the field.

Eason Ramson

Director of Center for Academic Re-entry and Empowerment (CARE)

Eason is passionate about supporting youth. His commitment has offers his over 30 years of experience in youth developing helping youth reach their potential.

Anastasia Gordon

Senior Director of Family Support Services

Anastasia is committed to building community by strengthening the foundations of families throughout San Francisco. Her dedication has led her to develop key programs helping to ensure families have access to key opportunities.

Crystal Abasolo

Director of Workforce Development

(415) 666-9617

Crystal helps youth in our community to experience new things and broaden their horizons while giving them an emotional and physical safe space.

Jibraan Lee

Program Director

(415) 452-7575

Jibraan Lee has been working with SF’s youth and teens since 2007 and is passionate about staff development and creating work environments that promote leadership opportunities for youth workers.

Board Members 

Melissa Langness

Senior Change Manager

Charles Schwab

Katy Birnbaum


Into The Streets

Chief Steven A. Ford

Chief of Police, Antioch

Murrell Green

Dean of Academic Counseling & Student Services

West Valley College

Jenni Luke

Vice President, Community Impact

San Francisco 49ers

Greg Narvick

Chief Operating Officer

Nibbi Bros. Construction

Eric Prosnitz


Sports Basement

La Shon Walker

Board Chair

Vice President of Community Affairs

FivePoint Communities, LLC

Randy Wells

Sr. Business Strategy


Vanessa Gonzalez

Manager, Public Affairs

Golden State Warriors