We're a leader of comprehensive out fo school time programs which support the whole family by supporting kids in spirit, mind and body, and being accessible to working parents. Children from families that struggle to meet basic needs are at much higher risk of poor grades, failure to graduate and disengaging from our education systems. Without enriching programs and activities after school and over the summer months, children whose parents can’t pay for such programs lose a few months of academic progress each year. This adds up to being more than three years behind their more affluent peers by the 8th grade and four years by the 12th grade.

For families struggling to keep roofs over their heads and food on the table, it can be hard to make a priority of children’s homework, enriching activities and valuable time spent together. Who helps these children and their families with systematic programs, caring trained adults, values-based programs and fun, social activities that build intellectual curiosity and a sense of belonging?

That's where the Y comes in. From 1st grade through the senior year of high school, Y programs deliver opportunities to learn, grow and thrive. Many of our after school programs are grant funded and offered at no or low cost to families, and all are available for financial assistance. 

Kids who participate in after school programs have an increased likelihood of graduation and academic performance. A study of about 3,000 low-income, ethnically-diverse elementary and middle school students found that those who regularly attended high-quality after school programs over two years demonstrated gains of up to 20 percentiles and 12 percentiles in standardized math test scores respectively, compared to peers who were routinely unsupervised during the afterschool hours. 

Thank you to our friends at Afterschool Alliance for the data provided on this page. 

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