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When kids experience Y Camp, they experience something new every day. Like the power of a positive mentor, the confidence that comes from trying- and succeeding- and the importance of healthy, long-lasting friendships. Of course, they don't know this-- they just think they're having a whole lot of fun! Read more below for all of the details about choosing a camp this summer.

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“My daughter came home every day from bike camp, exhaustedly excited, proudly recounting their mileage and their route... just happy, and tired, and looking forward to the next day. Thank you for helping grow my girl into a strong, confident and happy human." 

– YBike Parent, Presidio YMCA

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We offer a variety of day and overnight camps, from pre-K to teens. 

Summer Day Camp – Traditional & Specialty Camps: From traditional, basketball and science to splash and mini-golf, there are many different types of Summer Day Camp to choose from. We are constantly looking for ways to improve existing camps and add new ones. Please submit your feedback and suggestions to the camp program director.

Family Camps: Spend time together as a family. Families are under increased stress as they struggle to balance work with quality of life and health. More physical activity through play helps children and families better manage stress, succeed in school, reduce tension, build energy, learn skills that encourage a lifetime of activity, and most of all, spend time together as a family.

Resident & Travel Camps: Youth love the imagination and adventure opportunities afforded by the great outdoors! Camping offers a chance to help youth reconnect with nature while bringing simplicity back to their lives. We offer terrific Resident and Travel Camps, a “must do” for youth campers looking for exciting trips that promise new friendships, independence and new activities.

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Selecting a Summer Camp

Our children are our most cherished treasure and our greatest responsibility. As such, determining when your child is ready to go to camp and finding the best camp for him or her, can often be a difficult decision. Camping experts from the YMCA of San Francisco offer the following helpful tips to help parents choose the best camping experience for their child:

Know your options. When looking for a camp, parents should start with the American Camp Association (ACA), which accredits camps across the country to ensure they meet the highest standards. YMCA camps are accredited by the ACA.
Know your budget. Remember, camp does not have to be expensive. Camps are available for every price range and we offer financial assistance to ensure no child is turned away for inability to pay.
Know your wants. Families should consider what they want for their child from the camp experience, e.g. a fun vacation from school or a chance to build new skills. YMCA camps vary, with some highly structured and others offering kids greater flexibility in setting schedules.
Know your child’s readiness. On average, 8-year-olds are ready for "sleepover" camp. To ease the transition, kids should experience sleeping over at a friend’s or relative’s house at least one night before going to overnight camp. Day camps are another option available for children of all ages.
Know the camp. Review camp brochures or Web sites. Call to ask staff questions about activities, policies and special needs for your child. Seek references from other families whose children have attended the camps you are considering.
Know your child’s wants. Don’t forget to include your child in the decision-making process.

So Much More than Summer Fun

Academic Success

Did you know summer learning is critical to a child's development and fall academic success? 

Healthy Eating and Physical Activity

Our camps follow the Y's leading standards for child wellness, with health snacks and active play.

Safe and Open Spaces

Having a transformative outdoor experience as a child supports overall health and wellness- that's part of why we take kids outside early and often.

Mind, Body and Spirit

Camp is about learning, growing and thriving. Learn more about why we believe a summer in camp makes all the difference in a child's life.

A Camp for Every Child


This is a traditional summer day camp for children entering grades K-1.


This is a traditional summer day camp for children entering grades 2-3.


This is a traditional summer day camp for children entering grades 4-5.


This is a specialized summer day camp for children entering grades K-8; age grouping varies by branch. Each week is enriched with a variety of exciting activities, including art, cooking, swim, science and more! Please refer to each branch’s summer camp brochure for a complete description of each camp.


This is a summer day camp with a focus on sports for children entering grades K-8 in the fall of 2012; age grouping varies by branch.

Moving On

This is a traditional summer day camp for teens entering grades 6-8. Certain branches also accept teens entering grade 9.

Counselors in Training

This is a training program for teens entering grades 9-12 that helps prepare them to be future YMCA camp counselors. Certain branches also accept teens entering grades 7-8.

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