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Welcoming Cross-Cultural Understanding


September 13-22, 2019

Welcoming Week celebrates the growing movement of inclusive communities that fully embrace New Americans and their contributions to the social fabric of our country. Created by YMCA of the USA’s (Y-USA) national partner Welcoming America, Welcoming Week brings together immigrants and U.S.-born residents to promote cross-cultural understanding and raise awareness of the benefits of welcoming everyone.

The Need for Welcoming Week

With more than 42 million foreign-born individuals currently living in the U.S.—more than at any other point in history—it is imperative for the well-being of our communities that all neighbors have opportunities to engage, build mutual understanding and work together to create positive social progress for all.

“At the YMCA of San Francisco, we believe the Bay Area is stronger when everyone in the community feels welcome and we can all work together for the common good,” said Chuck Collins, President and CEO.

Welcoming Week is an opportunity for neighbors—both immigrants and U.S.-born—to connect, find common ground and celebrate our shared values. The YMCA of San Francisco is proud to be part of Welcoming Week, where we know that in places large and small, rural and urban, people of all backgrounds are coming together to create stronger communities.