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Recommitting Ourselves to Building Community

The level of hate crimes infecting our country continues to plague our communities. Most recently in Pittsburgh, we experienced the deadliest attack on Jewish people in American history. This type of hate crime is unacceptable and our hearts break for the Pittsburgh Jewish community.

Recommitting Ourselves to Inclusion

At times like these, we must re-commit to building community and challenge ourselves to create a truly open, inclusive and safe society. Every day at the Y, we welcome millions of people at locations throughout the world and stand committed to building equity through our diversity, inclusion and global engagement efforts.

Recommitting Ourselves to Unity

None of us are safe unless all of us are safe. And in the America we envision, there is no place for hate. We stand in solidarity with the Tree of Life synagogue community against hatred, violence and exclusion.

Charles M. Collins
President and CEO
YMCA of San Francisco