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Physical Fitness - Fitting it Into Your Day

Experts Recommend 2.5 hours of “moderate-level” physical activity per week.

A faster heartbeat and increased breathing define “moderate-level” activity.

Moderate-Level Activities include:

  • Brisk Walking
  • Swimming
  • Brisk Cycling
  • Dancing
  • Shooting Baskets
  • Certain types of Yoga

But any activity that raises your heart rate and makes you breathe harder, including daily chores, can be included.

Fitting Physical Activity In each day can be tough, but reaching your 2.5 hour per week goal can be done many ways – it’s just fine to do blocks of 10 minutes or more throughout your day and week.

Try Physical Activity at Home:

  • Use a free smartphone app or online video
  • Take a 10-min dance break with the kids
  • Push the lawn mower or rake leaves
  • Wash the car, the house windows or clean the garage
  • Walk or bike to the store
  • Walk the dog briskly
  • Read the newspaper on a stationary bike
  • Take a 10-min brisk walk after dinner

Try Physical Activity at Work

  • Use the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Hold a brisk walk-n-talk meeting
  • If you need to speak with a co-worker, walk to them instead of using the phone or email
  • Use your breaks to take 10-min brisk walks
  • Go the extra distance when possible – get your coffee on another floor, use the restroom farthest from your desk
  • Attend a Y group class with a co-worker