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Our 2017 Employees of the Year

Every year, our organization honors one stand-out employee from each of our 15 Y locations.

These employees exemplify the character values of honesty, respect, caring and responsibility in all areas of their work. They also:

  • Made a significant accomplishment within his or her area of responsibility.
  • Made a significant collaborative effort/contribution to help others, his or her department, branch or the YMCA of San Francisco.
  • Made a significant positive impact upon the branch or Association Office.
  • Performed his or her job at such a superior level that it has positively affected his or her co-workers, department, branch or the YMCA of San Francisco.

Let us introduce you to our 2017 Employees of the Year!


Kaylé Barnes

YMCA of San Francisco Association Office

The 2017 Employee of the Year from our association downtown office is Kaylé Barnes, Development Grants Specialist.

"Kaylé is someone who always shows up, presents herself very professionally, and follows through. Working with her this past year has been a really positive experience for me, for our coworkers at the downtown office, and for all the staff at the different Y branches." - Manuel Rodriguez, Senior Development Director

Congratulations Kaylé! We're so proud of you and happy to have you on our team. 

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Rose Marie Sims

Bayview Hunters Point YMCA

We are so proud of our Employee of the Year, Rose Marie Sims! Rose Marie is among our most dedicated, selfless, and committed staff. She is a team player and is committed to the healthy development of all youth and families. Rose Marie is eager to learn, grow and develop in order to better serve her community. She is hardworking and has a "never give up" spirit. She has been instrumental in the transition of over 100 families in Huntersview to new housing, supported workforce development with residents and promotes community health and wellness in a once forgotten community. She cares deeply for other people and is committed to other’s success. Her future is bright.

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Matt Mendoza

Buchanan YMCA

Matt is extremely dedicated to the work that he does, and we know that that is a really common phrase for people to say, especially with the Y, but we genuinely see that every day, and we see how excited he is to be here, and we see how excited all of the youth he works with are to be here. Matt, thank you for everything that you do for the Buchanan Y and for the teens in the Western Addition/Fillmore. We really appreciate everything you do for the young people here.

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Ed Coffey

Camp Jones Gulch YMCA

Congratulations to Ed Coffey for being Camp's 2017 Employee of the Year! Ed is a bench-building, fire-starting, tractor-driving, pool-maintaining, snake-wrangling, hammer-wielding, quip-slinging, wrench-twisting, guest-helping, ditch-digging wonder of a person. And we are proud to name him our employee of the year! Thank you Ed! 

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Michelle Goodlow

Shih Yu-Lang Central YMCA

We are excited to announce our Shih Yu-Lang Central YMCA employee of the year, Michelle Goodlow! Michelle is our STEAM Coordinator for our after-school youth program. She works closely with youth and teens on learning the ins and outs of coding and technology. Congratulations, Michelle!

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Sandra Zhao

Chinatown YMCA

Sandra has been our Summer School director for the past four summers and has dedicated her passions in teaching children to providing a quality Summer School program in Chinatown. Under Sandra's leadership, the Summer School Program not only grew in enrollment but has become a program where parents wait in line every sign up day to get a spot in her program because they believe in the program. They trust her ability to run a high quality program. Parents know, they will get staff who not only care about their academics but also care about them as an individual. Much of this success is thanks to how Sandra has worked hard to ensure that this reputation is upheld. She is admired by her staff and peers because her passion and dedication has shown the staff the true potential of the program and themselves. It's been an honor to have her service all these years.

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Orly Ramirez

Embarcadero YMCA

Over the last eight years, Orly has served as a key player in the programs services department, specifically the last year. Orly continues to strive to be better by holding herself and her programs to the highest standards. Orly has shown that she is passionate about the YMCA and would like to continue to grow as a leader. Because of this, Orly is the Embarcadero's 2017 Employee of the Year.


Nan Watanabe

Marin YMCA

We have seen Nan teach many hours of group fitness in a week at the Marin YMCA. Somehow and some way she just finds that spark of energy and positivity. The only way to describe Nan is that she is truly a blessing to all of us here at the Marin YMCA. 

"I am forever grateful to have you on my team. I am forever grateful to be able to serve someone who serves so many people. Thank you Nan, and please stay on our team as long as possible." -Josh Weaver, Group Exercise Director

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Nabila Khalil

Mission YMCA

Nabila Khalil has been working 22 years for the Mission YMCA. She has outdone herself by representing our YMCA core values of honesty, respect, caring, and responsibility throughout her years of service. Nabila has graduated 22 preschool classes. She has gone beyond her work to create a community between staff and parents in order to give the best education and environment for the children to thrive. Nabila has performed her job at a superior level. She is our Mama Bear. She cares deeply about each one of us and she makes sure she takes care of us in any way she can. 

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Marisabel Carrillo

Peninsula Family YMCA

Please join us in congratulating our Employee of the Year, Marisabel (aka Honey Bee).

Marisabel works year-round in our youth programs. Her commitment to the work of the YMCA is evident in her relationships with the students and families. Youth participants feel supported by her. Parents trust her. Coworkers go to her for help. She genuinely cares about and respects everyone in our YMCA family. She works hard to create a safe and supportive community through her work, and she has fun while she does it.

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Christine Lunde

Presidio Community YMCA

What really stands out about Christine is that she is so thoughtful, always ready to help out in programs, events, or wherever needed, and it's clear that she wants to make sure that others feel and look successful. She always brings the best out of people, and gives her all to everything she does. She's the most humble of people and she is always really encouraging and people always want to work with her. Christine we think you are the best, and we thank you for your hard work and we're so grateful that you're here working with us at the Presidio Community YMCA.

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Raul Velasquez

Pt. Bonita YMCA

At our residential outdoor education center, we have guests that stay with us anywhere from an afternoon to a week. Our food service team are the ones that have to nourish them while they're here. If anyone has ever been to an overnight camp, or a retreat center, if the food is bad, you are not coming back. Raul is the backbone of our kitchen at the Pt. Bonita YMCA. He is the most informed cook and has the most skill.

"The Point Bonita YMCA staff love you and without you, I don't know how we would do what we do." - Sean Dries, Associate Executive Director

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Anna Ngo

Richmond District YMCA

Anna's role is a Wellness Coach and she is here every morning on the fitness floor engaging with members and providing wellness orientations. 

"Everyone that I've spoken to that has had an orientation with Anna always says that she is amazing, they always feel at home and welcome with her, and she's always motivating them to get started with their health and wellness." -  Tiffany Kyu, Wellness Coordinator

Thank you Anna for everything you do for the Richmond District YMCA!


Jenni McCaughey

Stonestown Family YMCA

Congrats to our Employee of the Year, Jenni McCaughey! Jenni was instrumental in our success as a branch this past year due to her innovative approach to marketing and communications. From the creation and execution of branch renovation grand opening advertisements, mall banners and social media, to story-telling our cause through philanthropic and moving campaign videos, Jenni has been an example designer for our YSF Association to emulate. If not for Jenni creating campaign, membership and program pieces with eye on how to best demonstrate our cause to members and the community alike, we could not have achieved our Capital Campaign goal, gained 700 new membership units or seen the success of new registrants in our community and facility programs last year. Thanks to Jenni, we now have fresh content and images to tell our Y stories for years to come!

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Frances Jaluage

Urban Services YMCA

Frances works with chronically truant youth in our PASS program, and many of them haven't been to school in a month, or some, even a year. Frances meets with these youth and their families and does whatever needs to be done to get them back to school and she's been tremendously successful. Her perspective in general is very positive, which is contagious. Frances, we are so proud of you. Your whole team is rooting for you. You absolutely deserve this honor and we are so thankful for you.