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Celebrating AAPI with and for Community

Join, as we celebrate the rich history of the AAPI community during the month of May.  

For this year’s AAPI month, the City of San Francisco graciously invited us to join the AAPI Heritage Foundation’s annual awards and recognition events as a part of San Francisco’s official celebration. 

What makes AAPI Heritage month significant is how the city, community leaders and organizations continue to lead by example, advocating for our communities and creating opportunities to uplift countless AAPI historical and cultural contributions. I am proud to reflect on the ways the Y continues to serve and engage with our AAPI community through volunteerism, workshops, and safety resources throughout the Bay Area and beyond.  

When it comes to advocating for systemic change and equitable outcomes, the standard for our organization is to listen, learn and educate ourselves as allies, but to also elevate our AAPI communities for a better future for all.  

This May, let us continue towards building a safer and equitable future together in celebration, collaborations, partnerships and continue to build resources and programs for communities that empower our Bay Area AAPI neighbors, family, and friends to thrive.  

My hope is that together the Y can be a catalyst for demonstrating support of all communities to ensure a more diverse and inclusive Bay Area for nation and the world.  

Jamie Bruning-Miles, President & CEO

YMCA of San Francisco

API ERG May Newsletter 

Our actions with our AAPI communities speak louder than words:  


Community mural project with Bayview Hunter's Point YMCA


Workshops and joint events


AAPI safety volunteers 



Community event that included Bollywood dancing and food for Second Saturdays (Peninsula)  



AAPIHM Event Volunteers