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About The Program

Wellness is more than just diet and exercise. Enter this 12-week program and work with the support of a group to identify your path to healthy behavior change. Explore tools to set goals, identify barriers, and navigate a path to a more well-rounded healthy lifestyle. Each week features one day of physical activity, where we will learn the basics of individual and group exercise programs, and one day of facilitated learning where we will explore the key contributing factors to leading a healthier life. Meetings are facilitated by trained YMCA lifestyle coaches, personal trainers, and group exercise instructors.

Support Wellness Together

Program Details


Tuesdays & Thursdays




Stonestown Family YMCA Modular Conference Room


Facility Member: $150

Community Participant: $150

Schedule at a Glance

Each week consists of a themed, facilitation day and supplemented by an exercise day. Below is a sample outline of our schedule:

1 Relationship and Community Building, Holistic Wellness and Behavior Change Bodyweight, Functional Fitness
2 Community Building, Goal setting (Partners) Bodyweight Review and Progression
3 Barriers, How to Address and Overcome Aerobic Endurance/Intensity 
4 TRX (5:30pm Studio 2) Stress Management (Meditation and Mindfulness)
5 Nutrition I Basic Strength
6 Nutrition II General Exercise
7 Mid-Point Assessment, Check-in Spin (30 minutes, Cycle Studio)
8 Staying Motivated, Support Systems Core
9 Barriers II, Problem-Solving NIA
10 Relapse, Slippery Slope of Slips Basic Strength II
11 Nutrition III YOGA
12 Celebration Day: Feedback Surveys, Maintaining healthy lifestyles and what’s next? Circuit Training



Dan de Saussure

Dan de Saussure: an avid runner, strength trainer, and reader. I am a 10-year health and fitness professional. I have worked in a variety of capacities including: one-on-one and small group personal trainer, group exercise instructor, wellness coach, small group behavior change facilitator, and fitness program director. My passion is with helping others reach their goals and develop the confidence to make a healthy lifestyle achievable for them.  

Sandra Beezy

My association with the Stonestown Family YMCA spans 4 decades. In that time, I have taught a variety of Group Exercise classes including classes for older active adults.  I am a Wellness Coach, a Healthy Lifestyle Coach for the Living Strong, Living Well program, and I’ve been a small group behavior change facilitator for the Diabetes Prevention and 90 Days to Wellness programs.  I am passionate about supporting others in their efforts to achieve and/or maintain a healthy, active lifestyle, and I am grateful to be a part of the Stonestown Family YMCA community.