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Argonne and Lafayette Afterschool Program K-3 Grades


The YMCA at Argonne and Lafayette is an afterschool program for K-3rd graders that believes in the importance of Youth Development. We are passionate about helping children realize their potential. At the YMCA Afterschool program, we are intentional about fostering Achievement, Relationships and Belonging. We incorporate a holistic approach to develop youth academically and emotionally. Youth have fun while engaging in enriching experiences that help them to build skills, develop strong friendships, and feel like they are part of something great.

Our staff are trained in CPR/First Aid, Child Abuse Prevention, and a series of Youth Development Modules. They meet weekly to plan programs that are creative and engaging with age appropriate learning objectives. Our ratio is 1:14 and all of our teachers are required to have at least 6 college units of Early Childhood Education. We  want to empower students to be leaders in their community. Our number one priority is to ensure that they have safe place to do that.



For the Current School Year (2017/2018) Registration must be done in house at the Richmond District YMCA located at 360 18th Ave, San Francisco CA.

For the the 2018/2019 School Year Registration will open in April 2018

We offer financial scholarships and assistance for all. We believe money should not be a barrier in youth development. 

  • Packets are available at afterschool site locations as well as school offices
  • Packets must be delivered to the Richmond District YMCA and completely filled out
  • Failure to complete packet or deliver to appropriate location can result in delay of enrollment 


Argonne Elementary

Site Coordinator: Alex Zussman (License #384000352)

680 18th Ave Argonne Afterschool  Hours: M–F, 2:00pm-6:00pm 

 415-831-4093 • Azussman@ymcasf.org

Download Registration Packet


Lafayette Elementary

Site Coordinator: Frankie Massioni (License #380504578)

4545 Anza Street Lafayette Afterschool  Hours: M–F,1:00pm-6:00pm

 415-759-0790 • wmassioni@ymcasf.org

Download Registration Packet

Learning Enrichment Afterschool Program (LEAP) 4-5th Grades

The Learning Enrichment Afterschool Program (LEAP) is designed to transition youth from traditional afterschool programs to complex pre-teen programming. Our goal is to provide safe and structured enrichment activities in an a-la-carte format that fits the individual interests of each youth. LEAP is two programs in one, Enrichment Classes and Study Hall. Students can sign up for one or both of the program components, depending on their interest/needs on each day. Enrollment is based on a semester long sessions and enrichment classes cater to this schedule. 

Online registration for LEAP is available by following the link on the right hand side of this page. 


Sina Szabados

Sina loves the outdoors. She has been working with the Y since 2007 and has served in the Peace Corps. Now she develops and implements community programs for youth and young teens.

Alexandra Zussman

Alex has grown up in the YMCA and is thrilled to now be a part of the Richmond District Y. She is excited to continue to create an amazing community for our youth.

Frankie Massioni

Frankie grew up in San Francisco and as a member of the YMCA, getting his first job as a Junior Camp Counselor with the RDY. The strong sense of community that is part of the YMCA and the influence it has on people's lives remains a cornerstone for the work Frankie does.