Reach & Rise® Mentoring

Youth who have a positive relationship with an adult are five times more likely to graduate! Reach & Rise is a national, therapeutic mentoring program that matches adult volunteer mentors (ages 23+) with young people. Mentors are screened and must have clean background checks and attend 15+ hours of training to help youth build a better future, develop a stronger sense of belonging, and work through unresolved trauma, improve family relationships, self-esteem, peer relationships, school performance, decision making, and positive problem-solving skills. Youth are referred from schools, counselors, parents, YMCA programs, and community agencies. Program Directors provide ongoing mentor support, family support, and case management. Together, mentors and mentees share diverse experiences, develop a stronger sense of belonging within their communities, and create lasting memories!



One-to-One Mentoring

  • One youth (ages 9-17) is matched with one adult volunteer mentor
  • Matches meet in the community for 1-3 hours per week for a minimum of 1 year
  • Mentors who drive will need proof of auto insurance and clean driving record
  • Contact 1:1 Program Director


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"Reach & Rise impacts youth, because they just get another choice. They get another opportunity in life to see that there are other ways and things to see out there...and faith in humanity." - Jennifer Kriebl, National Director

"My mentor always listened to me. She always gave me good advice..." - Lina Alsalti, previous mentee

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Jennifer Kriebl

As a longtime social worker, Jennifer believes in giving back to the community.  Be a mentor!  She oversees the Reach & Rise national mentoring program in 38 states.

Jordan Banks
415-561-0631 ext. 1102

Jordan (he, him, his) works to promote youth resilience by recruiting and training volunteers to be trauma-informed therapeutic mentors for kids as they face the challenges of growing up. He has a Master’s in Conflict Resolution (peace and conflict studies) from Portland State University and focused his education on trauma support and resilience promotion as a method of peace building and restorative justice. Before bringing his work to Reach and Rise, he worked with volunteers and youths at p:ear, an organization that mentors youths experiencing houselessness in Portland, Oregon.