Our Mission

The mission of the Chinatown Y’s Immigrant Support Center is to provide reliable resources to the immigrant community and to assist immigrants as they integrate into the community, build trust, and gain a sense of belonging. 


We Offer

Translation services
(documents, making appointments, filling out forms, etc.)

Housing search assistance

Workforce development

Service connection

Citizenship and naturalization assistance

Light case management

‬ْESL classes

Family activities

SRO Family Support program

‬Active Older Adult programs

Community workshops
(digital and financial literacy, immigrant rights, health and wellness, etc.)

‬After-school and weekend enrichment programs


All of our programs and services are either free of charge or offer income-based financial aid.

A Y-USA New American Welcome Center.

The Y is a non-profit NGO.

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Monica Lai
(415) 748-3548

Monica leads the Chinatown bilingual membership staff, as well as oversees senior programming, branch marketing and communications, as well as the Immigrant Support Center team. Monica is dedicated to her staff and is a supportive and motivating leader. She is devoted to serving her community and nurturing Chinatown's growth to it's highest potential. Monica has worked for the YMCA since the Chinatown branch re-opened in 2010. 

Jay Husson
(415) 748-3567

Jay is the Immigrant Support Center Coordinator at the Chinatown Y. He is delighted to be part of the Chinatown Y family and loves chatting to community members and staff. He can usually be found whenever there is a community dinner to be enjoyed.