Heal From the Inside Out

Our Healthy Eating Active Living Workshops are designed to give you the insight and information you need to build a holistic lifestyle practice. 

Our workshop topics focus on healthy eating, active living and weight loss/weight management to help you build a healthy lifestyle that’s unique to your needs and abilities. 

How it Works

Through HEAL workshops, you’ll meet in a virtual group setting with other Y members and a trained facilitator to explore various healthy living topics. From Understanding Food Labels and Mindful Eating Practices to Increasing Physical Activity, Managing Stress and Overcoming Exercise Barriers, we have something for everyone looking to build a lifestyle practice grounded in well-being. 

Join A Workshop

Active YMCA Facility Members have access to one free workshop with their membership. Contact an Open Membership Branch to register. Registration closes 24-hours in advance.

Workshop Title Description Date Time
Barriers to Healthy Eating Understand how our day-to-day routines influence eating choices Wed. Feb. 3 12:30-1 pm
The FITT Principle Learn the basics of building an effective exercise routine Wed. Feb. 10 4:30-5 pm
Menopause and Weight Understand how menopause affects weight loss, weight maintenance and weight gain Tue. Feb. 16 12:30-1 pm
Just Move Learn tips and tricks to increase movement, as well as the difference between structured activity and lifestyle activity Wed. Feb. 24 12:30-1 pm
What the Fat? Understand the different types of dietary fat and their impact on dietary health Wed. Mar. 3 10-10:30 am
Environment and Weight  Understand how the physical spaces and places we spend our time influences behavior, choices and weight Wed. Mar. 10 12:30-1 pm
Reading Food Labels Understand the food label, including nutrition facts and ingredients lists Wed. Mar. 17 12:30-1 pm
Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) Understand the DASH diet and how it supports blood pressure reduction Wed. Mar. 24 10-10:30 am
Portion Control and Mindful-Based Eating Understand Daily Recommended Intake for each food group, as well as tips and tricks to practice eating more mindfully Wed. Mar. 31 12-12:30 pm

Meet Your Workshop Facilitators

Emily Turpin

Emily thrives on helping Y members and staff unlock their greatest potential, and believes that collaboration and interconnectedness are key to a healthy community. She holds an undergraduate degree in Exercise Physiology and a master's degree in Organization Development. 

Karly Newman

Karly is committed to making our community healthier by increasing accessibility to services and resources, providing education around wellness and otherwise empowering families and individuals to live their healthiest life.