BOLD & GOLD Scholarship Nomination

Nominate a Student for a BOLD & GOLD Scholarship
Explain your connection to the nominee and why you are recommending this student for the BOLD or GOLD scholarship. You can include examples of courage the nominee shows, what you think they would add to a group, leadership characteristics, value of experience for the student, and anything else you think we should know.

The BOLD & GOLD (Boys & Girls Outdoor Leadership Development) Program at YMCA Camp Jones Gulch is offering you the opportunity to recommend students from diverse backgrounds for a scholarship for a 5-day, 6-day or 9-day summer backpacking trip. The Diversity in the Outdoors Scholarship was created to recognize youth from the Bay Area who have shown significant leadership qualities and who have been traditionally under-represented in the outdoors.

On a BOLD & GOLD course, young men and women (ages 11-24) have the opportunity to develop leadership and life skills through outdoor adventure, challenge, and fun.

Key Criteria for receiving a scholarship award are:

  1. Financial need: priority is for students who could not otherwise afford a week at summer camp.
  2. Tolerance for adversity: a desire to be challenged and try new things; to build grit and confidence.
  3. Interest and passion: student is interested in trying new things like camping and can work in a group.

Please Note

BOLD & GOLD are not at-risk/therapy programs and are not appropriate for students with significant behavioral issues. Our staff are not trained to provide mental health counseling.

Pricing Breakdown

Award recipients receive a 95% Scholarship.
For award recipients, program fees range from $36.50 to $66.50 depending on the course. (The full price is between $730 and $1330).

Nominations for Summer 2020 Due

Saturday, February 15 2020

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