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Youth & Government: Bill Hearing Night

Last week the YMCA of San Francisco hosted our 6th Annual Bill Hearing Night at San Francisco City Hall. 


35 Youth Delegates participated in our BIll Hearing Night Event from 7 of our Y&G Delegations.


Our Bill Hearing Night event provided our delegates an opportunity to polish their presentations before heading to Sacramento in February to present their bills to the 69th Model Legislature & Court. Each bill sponsor attempts to transfer their proposed legislation into CA law. As a result, a bill’s success is determined by its sponsor’s preparation, mastery of the topic and persuasiveness. Therefore, an effective experience at our Citywide Bill Hearing Night further enhances our bill group’s ability to success in Sacramento and in other civic forays in their youth and adult lives.

Bill Hearing Night and Youth & Government showcases how youth are empowered everyday to express their opinions and initiate change through community organizing, public speaking, and the democratic processes. 

Legislative Docket

SFY/BUCHANAN - Foster Care Reform

SFY/BURTON - Female Luxury Item Tax

SFY/EMBARCADERO  - Indigenous People’s Day

SFY/MARIN - Computer Programming offered as Foreign Language

SFY/MISSION - Criminal Justice and the Use of Firearms


SFY/STONESTOWN - Secession of CA from the Union 


Thank you again to our Panelists and Presiding Officers!




Jaime Bruning-Miles - SVP of Operations/COO YMCA of San Francisco

Manuel Rodriguez  - Senior Development Director YMCA of San Francisco

Jawanza Barial-Lumumba - Administrative Service Director -Bayview YMCA Former Y&G Delegate and Advisor 



Bitota Mpolo, SFY/Buchanan - High School Senior & 4 Year Delegate

Missy Carlson, SFY/Marin - High School Senior & 4 Year Delegate



Learn more about the Y and G program and how you can be involved!