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Teaching Code to Campers

Coding with Macy'

The opportunity for STEAM learning (science, technology, engineering, arts, math) came to summer campers from Chinatown YMCA this month when invited youth into their San Francisco offices. Campers were taught new ways to code with the technology team at


Careers in Technology

This is the second year has opened their doors to youth from the YMCA of San Francisco's summer camp programs to teach them fun new ways to code. staff were happy to share their own stories of how you can grow up and pursue a career in technology.


Inspiring the Next Generation

"Today we are excited to teach kids from our local YMCA’s summer camp about STEM careers and how to code at our Macy’s Tech headquarters in San Francisco. For many of these kids, this will be their first hands-on lesson about how technology allows companies like Macy’s to create meaningful experiences for people online. Our dedicated Macy’s team is honored with the opportunity to inspire this next generation by showing them what a career in technology looks like." - Angelo Cilia, Corporate Communications Manager at