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Hot on the Campaign Trail

Heard enough talk about folks Campaigning this year? Well here's one more! 


Our very own Stonestown Youth & Government Delegate, Luke O'Driscoll-Gomez, has been hitting the campaign trail this month. He is running to be the 69th Lieutenant Governor of the Statewide Model Legislature & Court Program. He has been visiting various Youth & Government delegations throughout San Francisco to discuss and share his platform. 


Luke O'Driscoll-Gomez - Candidate for the 69th Lieutenant Governor 



Buchanan YMCA's Delegation Historian, Areeya Chananudech, interviewed him about his campaign process. 


What made you want to run for lieutenant governor?

It's my last year in Y&G and wanted to run for a big position.


What is your platform?

My platform is slowing the process and ultimately ending gentrification, more funding for public education, and an equal representation of opinions.


As lieutenant governor what do you hope to achieve?

I hope to achieve a very diverse voice of opinions in the Senate Chambers as well as making SFY a well known cluster. 


Has running for lieutenant governor changed your mindset?

I have started to think more positively and have developed a growth mindset to accept constructive criticism and diverse opinions.


What has it been like going to to different delegations and meeting everyone?

It has been a fun process because I was able to meet almost everyone in SFY and feel support from my fellow delegates. I have also received a lot of help and advice during this process. 


Have you received any constructive criticism?

I have received lots, mainly revolving around ways to campaign, ways to spread awareness about the topics from my platform, and ways to improve my speech writing.


How have you changed yourself from the constructive criticism?

I have started to think more of how I can find ways where I can be relatable to delegates as well as spread awareness of my platform. 





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