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Giving Back at the Y

My name is Noe Salazar Diaz and as an immigrant, I understand the difficulties of feeling like you’re alone with no support. My parents migrated from Mexico when I was two years old. It was difficult to adapt since they didn’t speak English or have any family in this country. I am grateful for the various resources that were provided to us through the help of programs located here in San Francisco. It was because of this that we were able to establish ourselves here and meet great people along the way. Joining the YMCA has given me the opportunity to give back and provide that help to families here in my community.

The most important aspect of working at the Y is bringing a sense of belonging and comfort to everyone here. It can be hard for some people to feel like they fit in or even find a safe space for them to be themselves without being judged. The Y does a good job of being inclusive, not only towards the members but the staff as well.

One moment that resonated with me since I joined the Y was when I helped a family that arrived from Peru. It felt rewarding to be able to provide them with the same help that was given to my family and I. Through collaboration and hard work, we were able to provide them the opportunities to grow despite the challenges and circumstances that were given. Together, we overcame the challenges and became successful by providing equitable resources to them.

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