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Best. Summer. Ever.

Few environments are as special as summer camp, and this summer at the Y has felt like one of our best. We've put together some of our favorite memories from the camps we've run all across San Francisco, San Mateo and Marin in 2016. Thank you for helping us have the #BestSummerEver!

Campers at Chinatown YMCA experienced overnight camp under the stars and surrounded by friends.

Campers at Pt. Bonita YMCA enjoying delicious s'mores.

 We teach campers to love their surroundings. Campers at Richmond YMCA got to play around the Golden Gate Bridge.

At the end of every summer we celebrate camp with a Summer Camp Jamboree. These campers from Stonestown YMCA are having the best summer ever!

"I love seeing a child's first time trying something new, or having a first experience.  It's a one of a kind feeling to ride a roller coaster with a kid for their first time, or even watch them as they see the Golden Gate Bridge for their first time in their life although they have lived their entire life in SF.  I feel lucky to be able to offer new experiences to kids, to support them as they step out of their comfort zone and to influence them to be healthy, socially responsible, and well rounded adults in the future."

- Sina Szabados, Community Outreach Director at Richmond District YMCA