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We provide FREE adult education for anyone ages 16-96 residing in California wishing to obtain their GED, HiSET, or High School Diploma through charter schools. Our current program runs through Bayview Hunters Point YMCA.

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Five Keys provides intensive and comprehensive education intervention, vocational planning, and academic case management for IPO participants. Services are delivered on-site at the IPO host sites (Arriba Juntos and Young Community Developers) and at the transitional employment worksite.

Five Keys currently partners with IPO contractors to provide IPO participants with educational assessment and basic skills training, along with high school and GED completion services. Participants are assessed at the provider site, but students must travel to an existing Five Keys campus away from their work and CBO host site.

Multiple service sites often create a barrier for participants (especially those with gang-related travel restrictions); furthermore, education under this model creates a dichotomy between vocational and educational services.


Experience has taught us that providing wraparound services post-release greatly increases the chances that inmate/students will use what they've learned in school to establish a positive, pro-social lifestyle.

Five Keys uses the principles and practices of Restorative Justice as a guiding philosophy for all Five Keys programs.

This program is in partnership with San Francisco Mayor's office and Office of Economic and Workforce Development.

Program Offerings

  • Assessment and educational placement for San Francisco County in conjunction With Office of Workforce Education
  • Career technical training (cte) and vocational training
  • Ipo: interrupt, predict, and organize for a safer San Francisco

Personalized Programming

Classes vary in length, format and level.

  • A student may meet with their teacher once a week for one-on-one work and work independently on assignments outside of class time.
  • A student may also attend five or more hours of classes a day.
  • Many students prefer to work independently, completing their high school units or GED practice on their own time under the guidance of a qualified instructor.
  • Others opt for and prefer classes designed to meet their specific educational or vocation needs.

Most classrooms are operated in partnership with community-based organizations. When enrolling with Five Keys, we will obtain the students prior school transcripts, assess their academic strengths and needs and develop a plan to meet their academic goals.

Meet Our Staff

Demetrius Durham

Associate Executive Director And Senior Director Of Transition, Re - engagement, And Employment Services



About Demetrius

Demetrius' passion is shown by the many personal, professional, and economic opportunities created by his department each year.


Celan Beausoleil

Youth Chance High School Director



About Demetrius

Celan Beausoleil, LCSW is a San Francisco native who has worked with system-involved youth since 2007.


Our goal is to help youth realize their full potential, in school and in life.

At the Y, youth will experience programs dedicated to enhancing practical and personal skills, at a pace that encourages school attendance, engagement, and confidence.