About YMCA Professional Network (YPN)

Who We Are

95 active members 

5 YMCA Associations represented in Chapter 82: East Bay, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Sonoma, Hawaii

3 Social Events hosted each year

1 Fall Conference hosted in October


Why Should You Join Us?

New ideas!  Experience!  Personal growth!

Reduced cost for social events and fall conference

Recertification Credits that count toward Y-USA leadership accreditation 

Employee Recognition

Access to the Employee Assistance Fund

2018 Staff Recognition Event

Now is the time for us to honor the outstanding achievements of our YMCA Professional Network members at our annual YPN Chapter 82 Staff Recognition Event, serving Northern CA and Hawaii Ys. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join and participate.


Date and Location

Tuesday, December 4, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Medallia Inc
450 Concar Dr
San Mateo, CA 94402

Overview & Agenda

6:00 - 7:00 pm    Networking (Drinks, Appetizers)
7:00 - 7:15 pm    Board Welcome & Speakers
7:15 - 8:00 pm    Awards
8:00 - 9:00 pm    Networking 


$35 / YPN Members

$28 / YPN Prime Members

Managing your Membership

Basic Membership

Free For all YMCA staff

Suite of eLearning experiences for Y Professional Development 

A monthly online newsletter with testimonials & stories from Y leaders 

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Prime Membership

$65 Per Year

20% discount on E-Learning and Chapter events

Eligibility to receive Emergency Assistance Fund (EAF) grants 

Engage in Chapter Board and Leadership opportunities and recognition

Some YMCA Associations pay for all or part of your dues.  Please check with your HR Director. Purchase information for membership available through LCDC.

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“Networking is new to me and I felt out of place. But as the night went on, there were a lot of people who talked to me and made me feel welcomed. It was nice to know there are people who will support me.” - YPN social event attendee

Staff Recognition

Rookie of the Year

Miranda Inami (2014, YMCA of SF)

Erik Halaas (2014, YMCA of SF)

Haley Paurazas (2014, YMCA of SF)

Patrick Kelley (2014, YMCA of SV)

Efrain Gonzalez (2015, YMCA of SV)

Sarah Ballard-Hanson (2016, YMCA of SF)

Jessica Norcott (2016, YMCA of SF)

Dakota Betts (2016, YMCA of SV)

Maureen Bush (2016, YMCA of SF)

Major Achievement

Troy Kasner (2014, YMCA of SF)

Claire DeLeon (2014, YMCA of SF)

Avery Wu (2014, YMCA of SV)

Jayne Johnson (2014, YMCA of SF)

Jennifer Trombley (2014, YMCA of SF)

Jeff Rothberg (2014, YMCA of SF)

Megan Turrell (2015, YMCA of SF)

Marco Recinos (2015, YMCA of SV)

Leadership Award

Rosanna Gomez-Martin (2014, YMCA of SF)

Joshua Leonard (2015, YMCA of SF)

Sandy LaSalle (2016, YMCA of SF)

*at least 10 years of service to the Y

McCoy Award

Torrey Hughes (2014, YMCA of SF)

Erik Halaas (2015, YMCA of SF)

Lara Hitchcock (2016, YMCA of SF)

*special award presented by the Association of Y Retirees

Our Board

Meet Our YPN 2018-2019 Board of Managers

Patrick Kelley - President   Andy Vamis
Dara Meinerth Doreen Hassan
Grace Ihn James Beckland
Jonathan Wolsey Kristen Hess Deo
Lara Farrell Hitchcock Lauren Bactad
Leslie Truong Meghan Case
Melissa Kaganovsky Mike Stancil
Rosanna Gomez Tim Byrd
Troy Kasner