Teen Programs

Urban Services YMCA’s Youth Department recognizes and reaffirms individual strengths and is committed to helping young people access opportunities to develop holistically. We believe, by building self-efficacy, youth become strong collaborative creators who contribute to the enrichment of their communities.

We have been delivering afterschool programs since 1996 and SFUSD ExCEL funded programs since 1999. We deliver school year and summer programs that are rooted in youth development principles and practices. We are dedicated to a holistic, wrap-around approach to working with students to ensure their academic and emotional success.

Downtown High School

Who We Are

Downtown High School, a program of Urban Services YMCA, offers project-based learning that emphasizes critical thinking skills across curricular areas and a strong connection with the School-to-Career Program. We provide Downtown High School youth with high quality after school program opportunities for growth and support systems focusing on academics, enrichment, recreation, and credit recovery. 

What We Offer

Real Options for Organizing the Future ASP (ROOF ASP)

We work closely with our Head Counselor, Teachers, and Resource Specialist to be better serve our students as we highly emphasize on credit recovery. Each year we support (for the last 10 years) 40-70 students graduate from DHS through our after school program's credit recovery. Students take online classes after school instead of enrolling in night school or attending summer school. Each student completes one to four courses to catch up or makeup credits outside of the classroom. On average, students earn a minimum of 20 credits towards graduation completing required graduation courses which are not offered in DHS's unique Project-Based Learning model. Those courses include:

  • World Language (Spanish)
  • College & Career
  • Health Education
  • Economics
  • American Democracy

The Social Justice Cooking Class

In collaboration with our Wellness Center, students learn to cook in a professional kitchen with a Sous Chef. Students learn about the food desert in their communities, and to get to explore, cook, and eat recipes from our diverse community at DHS.  

Job Readiness

Students also receive support in job readiness, such as resume writing, and job placement. In addition, with our school collaboration with JVS, each semester 2 students get job training and shadowing in our ASP. Students earn money and job experience learning the pathway of after school programs by participating in our program and learning the systems in place to help recruit and retain students. 

Ida B. Wells

Who We Are

The W.E.L.L.S. After School Program is a safe space where students can access expanded learning opportunities and integrate education, health, social services, and job readiness before school, during school and after school. Students have the opportunity to earn additional core credits through our online Edgenuity program as well as elective credits through program participation.

Our YMCA Program works closely with teachers and school staff to ensure the needs of our students are being met through academic support, mental wellness and referrals to social services outside of school. Our purpose at Ida B Wells is to support our Transitional Age Youth in earning their high school diplomas or enter a job field where they can be financially independent.

What We Offer

Early Morning Programs and Support

  • Breakfast Club on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Academic Support.
  • Recreation and Wellness
  • Edgenuity Online Courses

YMCA Student Resource Center Office Hours

  • Independent study hours for students who do not have a full day schedule.
  •  Edgenuity Online Courses
  • One-on-One Field Project support
  • Student Orientations
  • Family Conferences

After School Program

  • Academic One-on-One Support
  • Workforce Development
  • Fitness Lab
  • Edgenuity Online Courses
  • LatinX Student Organization
  • Recreation and Wellness

John O'Connell

Who We Are

The John O’Connell After School Program creates a safe place for students to develop a healthy lifestyle, get academic support, and create community. We aim to ensure that every student feels empowered, supported, and cared for through the programs and events offered. 

What We Offer

  •  Fitness Lab: The Fitness Lab is a personal training facility that is dedicated to educating students about physical health.  Student Wellness Coaches take a leadership role to train their peers in different exercises and meal plans.  
  • Tutoring: The John O’Connell Library is open daily for students who need academic support. Our Student Success Coach and Academic Liaison assist in classrooms during the day to be familiar with the school curriculum. 
  • Teen Program:  The Teen Program is a safe space for students to unwind and make connections with their peers.
    • Activities include video games, ping-pong, billiards, and board games.
    • Boilermakers Productions: Students will have the opportunity to express themselves creatively through music production and earn a stipend at the of the semester.


The Academy-SF

Who We Are

The Wolfpack After-school program is a partnership between The Academy SF @ McAteer High School and Urban Services YMCA, ensuring that there are clear and open channels for communication and collaboration between the regular school day and afterschool program. Our goal is to increase academic achievement and learning for all participants with strong relationships with School Administrators, Counselors, Faculty and Athletic Director. Our participants have access to comprehensive high-quality programming that includes: Homework/Academic Support, Art Enrichment, physical fitness & nutrition and workforce development opportunities that reflect our student/community needs. 

Our teen center, also known as THE WOLFDEN offers students the opportunity to relax before practices, engage with other participants through recreational games and activities, and also offer them a variety of healthy supper meals every day after school. 

What We Offer

  • Specialized Mentoring for Student-Athletes

    • Track student athlete's grades through weekly progress reports  

    • Support students to find a balance between sports and Academics.  

    • Ensure that students are passing with a C or better in their core classes 

    • One on one check in’s with teachers and counselors are facilitated by the support of ASP coordinator Susy Dubon. 

    • Student-Athletes must attend tutoring in the library before Activity or practice. 

  • Tutoring and Credit Recovery “Edgenuity”

    • To provide a rich academic experience for students making up or taking extra courses for high school credit. Offering one-on-one and group discussion and suggesting outside reading as a way of supplementing the online course material 

    • To achieve a 100% course completion rate for enrolled students. 

    • Each 11th & 12th grader is given the opportunity to complete courses to obtain a High School Diploma. 

    • Support students in trying to maintain a GPA above 2.30

  • Gym Open Recreation

    • Offer a space for students to participate in the following activities: Dance studio, basketball, volleyball, badminton, indoor soccer

  • Supper Meal Offering - Everyday After School

    • The supper program is a federally funded program that offers a balanced meal after school in the Wolfden RM.128.  Any youth under the age of 18 can receive a meal at no cost on a first-come, first-serve basis regardless of household income or enrollment in afterschool programs. Our supper program mimics the family style meal in hopes of creating a community among program participants.

  • Leadership Opportunities

    • ​​Wolfden Ambassadors: A paid internship where students can learn soft skills by supporting the after school program. Students can receive up to $250 per semester. Anyone is eligible to apply. This requires a time commitment.

  •  Roots of Success

    • Workforce Development opportunities

    • Resume and Cover Letter Building


Program Schedule

  • Specialized Mentoring for Student-Athletes: Monday from 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm, Wednesdays from 3:30 - 4:30 pm in the Library
  • Tutoring and Credit Recovery “Edgenuity”: Monday and Wednesday in the Library, Tuesday in the Wolfden Room 128
  • Open Recreation in the Gym: Every last Friday of the Month in the Academy Gym
  • Supper Meal Offering - Everyday After School




Jorge Solorzano

I’m passionate about youth development and getting young people to the next journey after graduation. 

Ruben Uribe

Ruben comes from San Diego, CA. He has been an advocate for social justice and educational equity. His work has transformed many students lives by providing workforce development, college readiness, and social awareness.

Zaldy Tubig

Zaldy is passionate about building equity and providing resources to underprivileged communities of diverse backgrounds by applying creativity and entrepreneurship.

Susy Dubon

Susy is a city kid at heart, born and raised in San Francisco from Salvadoran parents. Uses her life experiences as fuel to building safe and supportive spaces for students. Her passion for serving underserved communities is why she invests time into as a coordinator for After-school programming.