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Chinatown YMCA's early childhood learning center at 75 Vallejo Street is the newest addition the YMCA of San Francisco's child development programs. 

Our YMCA Child Development Centers are dedicated to providing high quality professional care to infants, toddlers and preschool children. Creating the strong emotional bonds between the child, families and other children is the primary focus. Children need to feel emotionally and physically safe in their environment to reach their highest potential. 

Our Philosophy

At the Y, we recognize the importance of each step in a child's learning experiences. Our programs encourage physical, emotional, and cognitive growth. We believe in focusing on each child individually and tailor our curriculum accordingly.


Our early childhood development programs use the Ages and Stages Developmental Questionnaire and the Desired Results Developmental Profile (DRDP) for children and families to evaluate our program and child developmental progress. Parent Teacher conferences are held twice a year.

Our Staff

The center is staffed with a caring and experienced workforce.

  • Our Child Development Program Directors have a degree in Child & Adolescent Development and with multiple years of experience in childcare, teaching, supervision and management.
  • Our Assistant Director/Curriculum Coordinator has a degree in Early Childhood Education or related field with a minimum of three years experience working with children.

Each member of the teaching staff, as well as the Director and Assistant Director holds a teaching permit from the California Commission on Teaching Credentialing. Our team members are selected based on their professionalism, skills, training and ability to work with children. All personnel meet or exceed California’s Community Care licensing educational and experience requirements. A background check and fingerprinting are completed before an individual is eligible to work at the center. We understand that a well-trained, stable staff that cares deeply about children is central to a quality program.

The YMCA has a training series to advance the knowledge and development of all levels of staff. Mandatory YMCA training for child care staff includes first aid, CPR and Child Abuse Prevention.

Tuition Rates

Monthly Rates, Effective July 1, 2023: 5 full days per week (Monday-Friday)

Community Participants: Full-Fee Tuition Rates

$2,883 - Infants (3 months old-24 month olds)
$2,196 - Jr. Preschool/Toddlers (2-3 years old)
$2,015 - Preschool (non-Preschool For All) program: (3-3.9 years old)
$1,607 - Preschool For All Tuition for non-YMCA facility members (child must be 3.9-5 years old and a San Francisco Resident, a discount of -$407)

YMCA Facility Member: Tuition Rates
(Must have an active facility membership throughout program enrollment)

$2,306 - Infant Tuition (3 months old-24 month olds)
$1,756 - Jr. Preschool/Toddlers Tuition (24 months-36 months old)
$1,612 - Preschool (non-Preschool For All) program, active facility members (3- 5 years old)
$1,204 - Pre-Kindergarten Tuition with Preschool For All discount for facility members (must be 3.9-5 years old, a discount of -$407)


Preschool For All Program, 5 Days Per Week (Monday-Friday)

The Preschool For All program runs through September-August, families must be a San Francisco resident to qualify. Please note, that parents/guardians must have an active Facility YMCA Membership upon registering and throughout program enrollment. If you cancel your Facility Membership during your program enrollment periods, you will be charged the Community Member monthly rate.


Community Participants: PFA Discount

$1,607 - Preschool (3.9-5 years old)


YMCA Facility Members: PFA Discount

$1,204 - Preschool (3.9-5 years old)


Preschool For All Eligibility

The Preschool For All (PFA) subsidy and MRA Scholarships DEPENDS ON FUNDING AVAILABILITY AND IS NOT GUARANTEED EACH SCHOOL YEAR. To qualify for the Preschool For All discount, the child must be a San Francisco resident and must turn 4 years old on or before December 2 of the year enrolled regardless of family income.


Tuition Rate with Discounts

A 20% sibling discount will be applied to the oldest child's tuition rate. There is an eligible 5% sibling discount for a 3rd child. Financial Assistance is available to qualified families. Alternative payment vouchers are accepted. Tuition rates are subject to change. Active facility memberships include discounts on some youth development programs, such as summer camp and afterschool programs, contact the site for more information. 

Scholarships & Alternative Payments

We accept third-party vouchers (alternative payments from Wu Yee, Children's Council, DHSS, local and state vouchers, CalWorks, ELS 4Cs, etc. if applicable). Child Care Scholarships (MRA funding) may be available for income-eligible families.

Billing, Late Payments, or Returned Payments

Monthly tuition is due 10 days before the 1st of the month. An automatic draft is REQUIRED.

Families who have not paid their tuition by the first of the month will be assessed a $50 late fee (per child). A $15 bank fee will be applied to all rejected early child care and education drafts. Tuition payments and late fees will be due on the first of the month. (Depending on the circumstances, a Program Director may waive the fees.)

Financial Assistance

The YMCA of San Francisco's Membership and Program is open to ALL. Financial assistance, to the extent possible, is made available through the generosity of donors on a first-come, first-served basis. This institution is an equal opportunity provider. We have bilingual staff available on-site, please contact the site for details. 

For more information regarding discounts and scholarships, please contact us at (415) 576-9622 or at tunglokchildcare@ymcasf.org.


Current Ratios

Infants (Ages 3-12 months): 1:3

  • Group Size: 9

Infants (Ages 12-24 months): 1:4

  • Group Size: 12

Toddlers (Ages 2–3 years): 1:8

  • Group Size: 16

Preschoolers  (Ages 3-5 years): 1:10

  • Group Size: 20

For more information, please call (415) 576-9622 or email tunglokchildcare@ymcasf.org.

Waitlist Application

We are currently accepting waitlist applications, click below to get started. 



Questions? Please email tunglokchildcare@ymcasf.org for more information.

Sample Schedule


Our Monday-Friday activities are consistent, however, times may vary slightly by age-group to allow for staggered outdoor playtime.

8:00 am - Center Opens/Free Choice Activities
9:00 am - Morning Snack
9:30 am - Circle Time
10:00 am - Small Group/Free Choice
10:30 am - Outdoor Play
11:00 am - Small Group Activities/Free Choice
12:00 pm - Lunch Time
12:45 pm - Story Time/Hygiene
1:00 pm - Quiet/Nap Time
2:30 pm - Snack Time
3:00 pm - Outdoor Play
3:30 pm - Circle Time
3:45 pm - Small Group/Free Choice
4:30 pm - Story/Library Time
5:00 pm - Center Closes

Note: Schedule subject to change.

Work At the YMCA

Bring Your Passion To Our Mission!

Our mission is to strengthen community. Join our team and make an impact on the lives of people in your community. 


Preschool Teachers & Preschool Assistant Teachers

Qualified preschool teachers and preschool assistant teachers (work on your credential!) needed at several locations. The teachers are part of a team which provides a safe, nurturing, and educational environment for all children enrolled in our program.

Preschool Teachers Minimum Qualifications

  • Minimum 21 years old.
  • Must be available Monday through Friday during program hours.
  • Must be qualified for Teacher Permit (12 ECE core, plus 16 GE).
  • 350+ days of 3+ hours per day within 4 years.

Preschool Assistant Teachers Minimum Qualifications

  • Minimum 18 years old.
  • Assistant Teacher Permit or higher.
  • 350+ days of 3+ hours per day within 4 years.
  • Available on-call Monday-Friday as needed.