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Outdoor Environmental Education at Point Bonita Y

Our Outdoor Education program is holistic and multi-disciplinary, incorporating hands on learning, team-building challenges, community service and adventurous fun. Through living, learning and enjoying the outdoors together, students discover their connections to science, the natural world, and each other. We bring science to life and help youth discover that science is more than what they read about in books! Students participate in hands on investigations, such as pond studies, sand crab monitoring, and habitat restoration. We inspire wonder, curiosity and the desire to learn more about the world. All of our programs support the Next Generation Science Standards and are tailored to meet the individual needs of participating teachers and students.

We Bring Science to Life

Through our outdoor-based science lessons, we deliver hands-on learning opportunities for students around themes of scientific inquiry and investigation, earth and life science, ecological communities and interdependence, and environmental stewardship. We have organized our program topics into three main themes which incorporate both California State Science Standards and Next Generation Science Standards.

Our themes: 

1. Earth Systems: Our Physical World

2. Life on Earth: Our Living World 

3. Change Over Time: Cultural & Natural History

"The experiences my students had on this trip are much more meaningful than any lesson I could teach from a book." - Gary Levy, Beverly Hills Elementary

We Create Community

We help create community through team building activities. Students learn to speak their needs, to listen to others, and to trust each other. The friendships and bonds that are formed last a lifetime.

"I was nervous coming here because none of my friends were in my group, but after doing those activities I realized all these people are my friends." - 6th grade student, Pershing Elementary

We Empower Students

Students leave our program feeling empowered to make positive changes in their communities. By weaving thread of choice and impact throughout our programs we provide students with the tools they need to become active stewards of the environment and to make healthier choices for themselves.

"I learned that I need to start making a change in the world. Also that I don't have to wish for change, I can just do it." - 5th grade student, Highland Elementary


Sara Sedgwick
415-331-9622 ext. 9326

Sara strives to provide others with tangible connections to the world around them. A transplant from New England, they are passionate about exploring new ecosystems and continuing to learn along every new opportunity.