The Richmond District YMCA is proud to announce that Family Programming is here for you every month! 
We will be hosting three different events within the theme of Kids Night Out, Kids Day Out, Family Fun Day and Parents Place! Alternating with the programs monthly. Family Programming is set with a goal to provide a safe, interactive and fun environment for our community members and families.



Kids Night Out: 2020 Dates

Parent's enjoy an evening out, while their little ones enjoy an evening in! It is sure to be a treat, with crafts and games and hanging out with some familiar faces. Each evening we will have a special themed activity and film, and will provide a dinner for the Kiddos!​
Ages 2 and Up! 

When: Friday's Once a Month 4:30PM - 8:30PM

Where: Richmond District YMCA – 360 18th Avenue

Price: Facility Member $30 per participant | Community Participant $50 per participant



  • Friday January 17th
  • New Year New Fun!
  • Lilo and Stitch (PG)
  • Quesadillas, Apples Slices, Carrots and Dessert


  • Friday February 14th
    *Extended Date Night* - 4:30PM to 9:00PM
  • Builder Project
  • Lego Movie 2 (PG)
  • Mac N’ Cheese, Fruit Salad and Chocolate Pudding


  • Friday March 13th
  • Spring Fun
  • Abominable (PG)
  • Pizza, Carrots, Apples and Dessert TBD


  • Friday April 17th
  • Super Hero’s
  • The Incredibles (PG)
  • Pesto Pasta, Carrots and Fruit Salad, Dessert TBD


  • Friday May 15th
  • Magical Beasts
  • How to Train Your Dragon 3 (PG)
  • Bean and Cheese Burritos, Veggies, Dessert TBD


  • Friday June 19th
  • Mission Impossible!
  • Spy Kids (PG)
  • Quesadillas, Apples Slices, Carrots, Dessert TBD


  • Friday July 17th
  • Crawling Critters!
  • A Bugs Life (G)
  • Turkey Corn Dogs, Fruit Salad, Veggie Sticks, Dessert TBD


  • Friday August 21st
  • Adventure Awaits!
  • Up (PG)
  • "Pasta Pillows with Sauce" | Gnochi with Marinara Sauce, Veggies and Dessert TBD


  • Friday September 18th
  • Ancient Ruins!
  • Emperor's New Groove (G)
  • Grilled Cheese, Berry Yogurt, Veggies and Dessert TBD


  • Friday October 9th
  • An Evening of Spooky Fun
  • Adams Family (2019, Animated) ()
  •  Turkey Meatball Sliders, Veggies, Fruit Salad, and Dessert TBD


  •  Friday November 20th
  •   Day of the Dead Celebration
  •  Coco (PG)
  • Chicken Tamales (Not Spicy), Veggies, Fruit Salad, Dessert TBD


  • Friday December 18th
  •  Frozen Wonderland!
  •  Frozen 2 (PG)
  • Breakfast for Dinner - Whole Wheat Pancakes (topped with Fruit), Turkey Bacon, Veggies and Fruit, and Orange Juice (No Dessert this Evening)






Youth Dance & Movement Classes

Join the Richmond District YMCA as we kick off another wonderful session of our Creative and Youth Movement Classes! Introduce your child to the joy of creative movement, improvisation and play! Our rotating sessions will introduce your youth to various styles of dancing! In each class youth will learn the importance of movement and bow being active can be healthy and fun. 

Kiddos will spend this session working on Tap and Ballet, making new friends from within the neighborhood and community, learn new styles and participate in a scheduled Field Trip and wrap up the session with a show case for their friends and families. 

10-Week Winter Session - Class Begins -  January 26th to March 29th​​


Junior Dancers (Ages 3 - 6)

Instructor - Miss Cynthia

Sunday's - 9:00AM to 10:00AM

Full - At Capacity


Youth Movement Combination (Ages 7 - 10)

Instructor - Miss Maddy

Sunday's - 12:30PM to 1:30PM


Field Trip : TBD - The Field Trip will be a part of the 10 week session (Not an additional Date)

Cost: $95 per Facility Member | $115 per Community Participant
This is the Price for the Entire Session (No Drop Ins)

Registration will Close, after the second Lesson.

Kids Day Out

Trip to the Walt Disney Family Museum!

Family Programming is excited to share an exciting opportunity with our families, to drop their little ones off at the Richmond District YMCA, before they head off with our trusty staff to the Presidio. Kiddos will have the great opportunity to travel into the Presidio, and spend the day exploring the Walt Disney Family Museum! Kids Day Out, gives youth the opportunity to engage with others their age, but also have the opportunity to explore and engage with youth from the neighborhood. Please pack your Kiddos some snacks and a lunch as we will be enjoying our lunch outside and in the Presidio.  

When – Sunday January 26th 11:00AM to 4:30PM 

Where – Please plan for Pick up and Drop off, at the Richmond District YMCA  
(Please plan to drop off your Youth at 11:00AM to and for a Pick Up time of 4:30PM) 

Cost - $40 per Facility Member | $50 per Community Participant  

Ages - 4 to 10 years of age.