Learn With Us

It is never too late to learn!  We offer swim lessons for adults wanting to learn how to swim, and adults who are looking to improve their technique. Participants will become familiar with the water, as well as learn the basics of body position and breathing techniques. Adult lessons can also be a great way to approach personal training- our certified instructors can help intermediate swimmers develop their strokes for a full-body workout.

Private Lessons

Private lessons can range from skill development, to water-based personal training for intermediate to advanced swimmers who are wishing to enhance their endurance while getting a good, low-impact workout.

Our certified staff will assist you in refining four types of swim strokes, while also increasing your speed and stamina in the water, exercising nearly every muscle group in your body. Each individual participant will have a different experience through our personal training program, but all will find themselves stronger and more coordinated by the end of the course.


Private lessons are scheduled individually. Our instructors are available throughout the day and all sessions last 30 minutes each. Private lessons are offered 7 days a week mostly in the afternoon.  We work with you to find the best instructor and time slot that fits your needs. Contact our Private Lesson Coordinator at presidioyaquatics@ymcasf.net to book your session times and dates.


Facility Members

2 Pack $90 
4 Pack $170 
6 Pack $240

Community Participants

2 Pack $110
4 Pack $210
6 Pack $300

Semi-Private Lessons

We know that new adult swimmers may be nervous or fearful in the water, and through these adult group lessons, we help alleviate your stress and introduce you to basic water skills. Semi-private lessons are available for small groups. Contact us to schedule a group, or to be paired with an existing group. 


Facility Members

2 Pack $60 per swimmer
4 Pack $115 per swimmer
6 Pack $165 per swimmer

Program Members

2 Pack $75 per swimmer
4 Pack $145 per swimmer
6 Pack $210 per swimmer

Contact us to sign up!

Letterman Pool Limited Memberships

Looking for just a pool membership? Sign up today for just $50 a month!

Dates/Times: A Letterman Pool Membership gives you access to the pool Monday-Friday from 5:30am-8:30am and 7:10pm-closing, and Saturday-Sunday 1pm-closing. 

To Register:
1. Sign up as a Community Participant (free!) at www.ymcasf.org/join
2. Register for the Letterman Limited Pass online

Please note no refunds or credits are available and this membership type is only available at the Presidio YMCA. Existing members not eligible.


Aqua Fit Classes

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Masters Swimming

Learn more about our Masters Swim Team HERE.